August 8, 2013
Dear Neighbor, 

Please respond to this brief question!
On Tuesday, August 13, at 9:00 am, I will cast my vote on an ordinance to allow video gaming.  This would allow up to five video gambling terminals to be placed in a licensed bar, restaurant, truck stop, and fraternal organization located in the unincorporated area of Lake County.  
I need your feedback!  Are you in favor of video gaming in your community?  Please click here to fill out a yes/no question to let me know.  You can also forward this email to your friends and neighbors! 
There are 87 businesses that could qualify for a gaming license.  The current maximum number of establishments is 120.
I will keep you updated on the results of this informal poll as well as the vote on Tuesday.  
Thank you for your time and input on this important matter.