July 20, 2013

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Property Assessments & Appeals


The Assessor's Office is sending out property assessments in late July and August, and taxpayers have 30 days from the time the assessment rolls are published in the local paper to appeal their assessment.  For Shields Township, the last day to file an appeal is September 3.  We are still waiting for dates for Warren Township.  


Once you've received your assessment notice, you can view your property's characteristics and compare your assessment to other "like" homes in your area by using the comparable search tool on the Lake County Assessor's Office website.  If you find errors or significant differences in assessment, you can talk to your Township Assessor directly prior to submitting an appeal through the Board of Review.  You can also appeal on-line.  


Please remember that due to a recent ruling by the Board of Review, homeowners must now appeal their assessment themselves or retain an attorney.  Click here for information from the Board of Review about this and the appeal process.  


I will send out the list of dates and locations for the Help Centers when it is available.  You may be interested in this video in which Marty Paulson, Chief County Assessment Officer, talks about property tax assessments.


  Watch now.

Road Closures
I've heard from residents in Wildwood and Gurnee about the significant backups westbound on Route 120 from Hunt Club to Route 45 due to the closure of Casey Road at Route 21 (Milwaukee Rd).  Casey Road is temporarily closed until August 5 as part of the Route 21 widening and reconstruction project.  The signed detour route for this closure is Almond Road to 120 to Route 21.  There are also more drivers cutting through neighborhoods to avoid traffic, which is posing a real danger to children and other residents in the area.  Please continue to let me know of issues you are experiencing in your neighborhood so we can work to resolve them.

Protect Yourself Against Lyme and Other Tick-Borne Diseases


The Lake County Health Department reports that lyme disease cases are becoming more prevalent in Lake County.  Protect yourself and your family by wearing light colored clothing and staying on trails when in the Forest Preserve.  Deer ticks are much smaller than dog ticks and are extremely difficult to detect, so carefully check your clothing before getting in your car or home.  Click here to read about how to identify deer ticks, prevent bites, and the symptoms of lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. 

Restaurant Health Inspections and Food Safety Results Available Online


Did you know that you can check how your favorite restaurant performed on its inspection by the health department?  The Lake County Health Department provides the results of restaurant inspections on its website, including complaints and problems inspectors found.


Reports are updated regularly, but you can also look up individual restaurants anytime. The reports are detailed, indicating whether the health department is doing a routine inspection or investigating a complaint. 


View inspection results of Lake County Restaurants
Severe Storm Preparedness - Have a Plan in Place before the Storm 


Lake County has recently experienced some severe weather with strong rain, winds and floods that can result in property damage, and put you and your family at risk. It's important to be prepared before the storm hits. 


In this video, learn about different storm warnings and how a NOAA radio can help keep you safe, and what to do about down power lines, flash floods, or food safety during power outages.  

Watch now

Read about tornado safety

Lake County Strategic Plan

The Lake County Board recently adopted our strategic plan that serves as a road map for Lake County government over the next several years. Through the community forums and our website, we heard the need to focus more on communication and civic engagement, efficiency, partnership and collaboration, and prevention as it relates to health and criminal justice programs.  These themes have been incorporated into the vision and values, as well as the strategies and actions. 


The strategic goals include:

  • Enhance Economic Opportunities - Foster balanced growth and a diverse economy to provide living wage jobs, housing, and economic opportunities.
  • Promote a Sustainable Environment - Preserve the health of our natural resources and our drinking water through the widespread use of sustainable and environmental management practices, effective storm water management and the enhancement and rehabilitation of lakes, wetlands and other fragile ecological systems.
  • Build Healthy and Resilient Communities - Maintain well-being of residents, focusing on the availability of accessible health services for families, the aging population, and other populations in need.
  • Provide Public Safety - Enhance the safety of residents through an integrated criminal justice system, including law enforcement and other programs that reduce crime, recidivism, family violence and substance abuse.
  • Reduce Congestion and Improve Transportation in Lake County - Promote development of State, County, and municipal transportation systems that provide for efficient, flexible and uncongested movement through an integrated network of road, rail, public transit, and non-motorized (bicycle, pedestrian) modes of travel.

Forest Preserve News  


There are over 30,000 acres of peaceful, natural forest preserves that helppreserve Lake County's natural ecosystems and environments.  But what's going on in all of that nature?  Find out by reading Lake County's nature blog.  Learn about everything from ant colonies to coyotes and even flying squirrels in Lake County!