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May 2013
Feeling Good
Newsletter of Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD 


Three Ways to Summer Relaxation


Summer is just around the corner!   For many of us, it is a time to relax.  However, sometimes we can get so busy with a fast-paced lifestyle that we actually need help remembering how to unwind. Our days are jam-packed with work, social life, errands, and more. We complete our day-to-day tasks and next thing we know, it's September already! 


This summer, why not change the pace a little bit? Instead of packing the summer to the brim with activities that will leave you wondering where the time went and more exhausted than ever, take a step back, pump on the brakes and put some relaxation into that schedule!


This summer, consciously hit the  "Slow Down Switch." Slow down, breathe a little, and reconnect with summer as a season for taking it easy. When you are more relaxed, you enjoy everything more. Moreover, relaxation helps to improve sleep patterns, enhance your immune system, increase concentration, soothe emotions... and the list goes on! Here are some ideas for relaxation this summer: 


  •  Enjoy the outdoors: Research shows that just 30 minutes in the sun can boost your mood- so dust off your sunscreen and take yourself outdoors this summer!  Relax by a pool, go on a hike, or lounge with a good book. Enjoying the fresh summer air is important and will help to melt away tension from day-to-day life. Even just opening the windows to let in a soft summer breeze is a great way to connect with the spirit of the season.
  •  Try a new hobby: Remember when summer meant a break from school, and you could try new things at summer camp or on a family vacation?  Summer is still a great time to reconnect with your playful side.  Nurture and inspire yourself by learning a new hobby this summer, but do it in a relaxed, rather than goal-oriented way.  For example, if you've always been interested in painting, go ahead and take a class- but instead of evaluating the quality of your work, try to keep your focus on the sheer pleasure of the colors and the canvas, or sharing the experience with your classmates. 
  •   Get Lazy: There's a reason for the paeans to "The Lazy Days of Summer!" Something simple like sitting on a blanket in a park with a sandwich and a good book goes a long way for restoring your sense of peace.  In fact, studies have shown that the mind actually needs to go through short periods of idle or even boredom in order to get creative.  Slow down and just enjoy the moment. We often find ourselves rushing through life without stopping to smell the proverbial roses. So this summer, power down and heighten your senses. Breathe in every moment and reflect on what is important and valuable in your life... or just sit and do absolutely nothing-it's actually good for you! 

Summer is nearly here.  Be sure to schedule some relaxation time into your schedule. Step back and idle a bit... you'll be glad you did


Welcome New Associates 
Dr. Carmichael is very excited to welcome to Abigail Mullen and Samantha Roberts to her practice. 

Abigail Mullen received her Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) from Columbia University, and she completed her clinical training in the New York University hospital system to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). Abby has experience working with clients on issues related to family, work, health, and dating. Abby is excited to join Dr. Carmichael's private practice, where she will provide clients with the special blend of emotion and goal focused therapy that clients of Carmichael Psychology are seeking.

Samantha Roberts received her Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) from Fordham University. During her clinical training to become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Samantha gained experience with Mindfulness meditation as well as other techniques for anxiety management and relaxation. Samantha also has experience with both psychodynamic and cognitive-behavioral therapy, so she is a perfect fit to Carmichael Psychology's emphasis on a clear and focused approach to anxiety and stress management.

Groups and Workshops

Many of the clients in my private practice have asked about groups and workshops.  I am in the process of developing material to offer, and I am very excited to share it with you!


If you are interested in groups and workshops, please complete the survey below so that I can make sure I offer material that is relevant to your needs and suitable for your schedule.  Thanks, and hope to see you soon!

  •  Groups for Singles:  A group for singles who eventually would like to be in a meaningful romantic relationship.  This group focuses on issues like dating confidence, deciding when to become exclusive, being open to different types of people, and having support throughout the dating process.  Many people in my private practice work on these issues individually, and I feel that sometimes it is helpful to share and listen to others who are on the same page.  Participation is limited to 10 registrants.  Click here if you would be interested in joining a Group for Singles.
  • Groups for Breakups:  A group for people who have either recently ended, or would like to end, a relationship.  Many people find themselves repeating the same breakup over and over because they can't seem to let go, or they can't quite seem to complete the breakup.  This group offers support and perspective, as well as strategies and ideas to facilitate moving onward and upward!  Participation is limited to 10 registrants.  Click here if you would be interested in joining a Group for Breakups.
  • Social Anxiety Group:  This group focuses on issues related to shyness and self-esteem.  We will practice techniques within the group and give each other feedback, as well as try techniques outside of the group and then discuss the results when we meet.  Many people with SA find that being able to share openly in a structured group environment helps them to make progress in terms of being open and comfortable with groups.  Pairing up sometimes during the group for certain exercises also facilitates learning how to gain confidence with one-to-one situations. Participation is limited to 10 registrants.  Click here if you would be interested in joining a Social Anxiety Group.
  • Stress Relief Workshop:  This is a short-term workshop of three 90-minute sessions. The workshop offers a sampling of stress reduction techniques such as yoga, meditation, journaling, and other proven methods for managing stress. In addition to learning the techniques as a group, participants will do partner exercises as well as share with the group about their experience of the techniques. Sharing your experience with others, as well as listening to the experiences of others, increases your understanding of the exercise and gives you a sense of perspective. This is especially helpful for people who have tried or wanted to try things like yoga or meditation before but always somehow feared they might be "doing it wrong"- in the group, you get to see that you are a beginner who is making progress and learning just like everyone else! Participation is limited to 15 registrants. Click here if you would be interested in joining a Stress Relief Workshop.
  • Goal Attainment Group:  This group is for clients with a direct focus on goal attainment.  Many people find that discussing goals and obstacles in a group format to be helpful.  Group participation facilitates goal attainment through the process of sharing your intention in a supportive atmosphere, and provides accountability as you update the group each week on your progress.  Members also discuss obstacles such as anxiety and procrastination, as well as ways to overcome these barriers.  The group offers a sense of community, which helps to keep goals from feeling overwhelming and provides the chance to celebrate each milestone towards your goal in a supportive atmosphere. Participation is limited to 10 registrants.  Click here if you would be interested in joining a Goal Attainment Group.

I welcome additional ideas and suggestions, as well as potential challenges that you would like me to address in the next newsletter, so please feel free to reach out if you want to share!  


Feel free to call anytime!  If you would rather book or change an appointment online, is available 24/7
Dr. Chloe Carmichael, Ph.D.

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