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Complete Questionnaire Regarding District Facilities
The public is invited to complete an online questionnaire as part of Boise School District's process to:
  • Develop a long-range Facility Master Plan to guide the District for the next ten years
  • Establish priorities for identified facility needs in our schools and facilities
The questionnaire follows two Community Dialogue Sessions that were held on August 30th & 31st to gather input from parents, residents, community partners and educators about the future of schools in the District. The online questionnaire will be open from now through Sunday, September 11th. 

Review the following information that was presented at the Community Dialogue Sessions to help you complete the online questionnaire found here:
The purpose of each community meeting was to discuss the results of data collected by DeJong-Richter and to ask patrons to provide feedback as to how to prioritize the needs of Boise Schools in the development of the Facilities Master Plan. Data collected included:


State of Schools Report
One-page snapshots of each school.
Enrollment Projection Report
Projections were based on live birth data, historical enrollment by school, by grade,  Census data, and building permits
Capacity Report
Capacity was calculated using two separate methodologies. The first being an "as programmed" capacity -- as the school is currently used, and the second being a designed capacity -- how the school was built.
Educational Adequacy Report
Educational Adequacy is strictly about how the facility is able to support current educational needs, not the quality of programs or educational offerings.
School Feeder Chart
The current organization of schools, by quadrant.
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