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Boise, ID  --  08/20/2015 -- The first day of school in the Boise School District serves as a reminder to all drivers to slow down for students.  The first day of school for students in the District is Monday, August 24, 2015.  At that time, an anticipated 26,000 students will head back to class. 
Drivers need to be on the lookout for students walking to school, waiting at bus stops, or riding their bikes.  If you're driving, expect a slightly longer commute time. Also, be aware police officers will be enforcing school zones and crosswalk laws. The speed limit in a school zone is 20 mph and the Boise School District urges motorists to pay attention to this speed limit when driving near schools, or students. Motorists speeding in a school zone face a fine of not less than seventy five dollars ($75).  In addition to the $75 fine, violators will pay an additional court costs of $41.50, bringing the total fine amount  for speeding in a school zone to $116.50.

Motorists must also obey the stop arm when it is deployed on school buses. Vehicles traveling the same direction as a school bus must always stop and cannot proceed until the school bus stop arm and lights are no longer actuated.  Vehicles traveling the opposite direction of a school bus must also stop, unless there are more than three lanes of traffic, such as Fairview Avenue.
Any person found guilty of violating this law shall be fined an amount of not less than one hundred dollars ($100) nor more than five hundred dollars ($500).

News Media Contact:
Dan Hollar
Public Affairs Administrator
Boise School District