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Here's a list of Community Education classes beginning next week (Oct. 21-24):

CPR Certification - American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI): Learn the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) Heartsaver CPR procedures for performing Heartsaver CPR and methods for assisting choking patients; this class will also cover the AED (Automated External Defibrillators) used in schools.This class is designed for first responders in the workplace or similar settings.  Learn more and register here.

Egg Gourds & Geometric Stars: In this class students will learn how to use an egg lathe to lay out a grid that will form a geometric star pattern. We will then wood burn the design onto egg shaped gourds using adjustable heat wood burners. The final step will be adding color to the gourds with colored pencils and sealing them to create a beautiful one-of-a-kind egg gourd. The finished master piece can be used as an ornament or put onto an egg stand and proudly displayed for all to enjoy. Learn more and register here

Listening to the Stones: Each one of us has a story inside that is just waiting to burst forth. Stones are as ancient as the Earth, and hold the stories of the planet. Students will sit quietly to experience 'creative listening', as they open to the energy of the stones and bring into the world the beginnings of their very own story. Learn more and register here.

Money Energetics:  The Invisible Nature of Money: Have you ever wondered about the nature of money? Discover the seven inherent laws of money and how our personal value and positive self worth can assist us to create abundance in our own life! Learn more and register here.

Publish a Cookbook for Family or a Fundraiser: This class will teach you how to find recipes, organize, compose and publish spiral boundcookbooks for family heirlooms, reunions, and/or service organization fundraisers. Join an avid chef and cookbook collector for tips on the step-by-step process of creating a cookbook for your family or group! Students each receive a sample cookbook to take home.  Learn more and register here for the 10/21 class and here for the 10/23 class. 

Sharing Women's Wisdom: Learn to be comfortable with your life lessons and acknowledge the wisdom you have acquired. This workshop for women will help you recognize your circle of influence and use your wisdom in daily life. Learn more and register here.

Estate Planning 101:  Estate planning is critical for all families! Join a local estate planning attorney to learn the top ten mistakes families often make and how to avoid them. Class will cover the basics about wills, living trusts, living wills, and powers of attorney. Learn more and register here.

Fun With Fondant!: For beginners! You will learn the secret to making homemade fondant, plus learn how to roll it for cake covering and basic cutting and shape decorating! Hands-on fun! Join a recently retired Family and Consumer Science Instructor for a wonderful night of cooking and tasting! Learn more and register here.

Hand Stamped Christmas CardsGet a jump start on your Christmas cards! In class you will make 4 beautifully hand-stamped cards that are easy to duplicate for mass producing or perfectly unique for that special person. All materials are provided to you by the instructor. Learn more and register here

HP Life Training - Writing a Communication Plan:  This course introduces the novice entrepreneur to the initial steps necessary for writing up the communications section of a Business Plan. This class will build on concepts presented in the Basics of Communications but attendees can attend one without the other. Students will learn about branding and identity including using free online software to create a logo. Learn more and register here.

Intro to Chakra Readings: This instructor will share information on the seven power centers of the body (chakras), and explore various ways in which we can develop our own intuition and connection with these centers. Learn more and register here.

Optimal Breathing for Core Strength:
Proper breathing techniques can provide many healthful benefits, including improved core strength. Attend this session to discover common bad habits that inhibit people's ability to breathe properly. Learn how to employ better techniques and make proper breathing become a good habit. Learn more and register here.

Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience: 
A long-time favorite course with Community Education! Join a licensed clinical counselor to explore the role of intuition in your life. This experiential class will invite students to sense clear-seeing, clear-hearing, and clear-feeling. Learn more and register here.

Essential Oils for Depression and More: Depression and other mood management conditions affect many of us. This class will teach you how to use essential oils to address seasonal affective disorder, depression, anxiety, insomnia, and more. Generous samples provided! Learn more and register here.

Quick and Easy Meals: Are you tired of spending too much time in the kitchen, or too much money eating out when you don't want to cook? Learn simple rules, recipes, and systems that will minimize the time and energy you spend preparing meals for now and later. Tasty freezer meals, dump and serve meals, TV dinners, and baking and freezing in quantity, will be covered. Learn more and register here


Traveling the World on a Budget:   If you're ready to see the world, catch this class first! You'll join a local travel expert who will help you travel internationally both safely and cheaply. Learn how and where to book flights/hotels; car rental versus train/bus travel; the best and worst places to travel on a budget internationally at the moment; and where to find up-to-date information on whether a place is really safe. Learn more and register here.  

Make Your Own Glass Paperweight: 
This class will go over the basics of a glass blowing studio set-up, techniques, and the process of making a beautiful glass paperweight. You will receive one-on-one instruction from a local glass artist to create your paperweight that will be available for pick-up the following day.  Learn more and register here.

Homeopathic Home Care Kit:
If there is a disaster, BE PREPARED! Dr. Ann Huycke MD, NMD, will teach you everything you need to know to treat yourself. (First Aid will not be covered). Learn more and register here.

Lose Weight With Essential Oils:
Join this essential oil enthusiast to learn how to safely and effectively lose weight, melt body fat, naturally suppress your appetite and control sugar cravings & blood glucose without dieting and exercising! Learn more and register here.

Spit, Polish & Elbow Grease:  Keep That Cycle or Scooter Running:
Learn how to inspect your motorcycle or scooter for proper operational and safety features. Emphasis will be placed on knowing how to service your equipment for optimal operation and when to ask for professional help. Tips will be given on how to properly winterize your equipment so that it will start in the spring with little effort and cost. Learn more and register here.

This fall, Community Education is proud to partner with The Idaho Foodbank by  accepting non-pershiable food donations at our three Community Ed. locations. Your generous donations will help support the School Pantry Program and the Backpack Program.  Thank you for supporting The Idaho Foodbank!

Click on the image below to review our complete Fall catalog and click here to register. 

Thank you for your support of our program!


The Community Education Team


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