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Completing a job hazard analysis is an easy way to identify hazards and prevent workplace injuries.
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Ask a Safety Professional

What are the major changes to the Hazard Communication Standard?


There are 3 major changes that employers need to be aware of: 

1)   Hazard classification: The definitions of hazard have been changed to provide specific criteria for classification of health and physical hazards, as well as classification of mixtures. These specific criteria will help to ensure that evaluations of hazardous effects are consistent across manufacturers, and that labels and safety data sheets are more accurate as a result.

2)   Labels: Chemical manufacturers and importers will be required to provide a label that includes a harmonized signal word, pictogram, and hazard statement for each hazard class and category. Precautionary statements must also be provided.

3) Safety Data Sheets: Will now have a specified 16-section format. 
Another change is that the standard is now referred to as the "Right to Understand" instead of the "Right to Know". 

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Injury Prevention

OSHA and NIOSH issue hazard alert to warn of dangers of 1-bromopropane exposure


OSHA and NIOSH issued a hazard alert to encourage employers that use 1-bromopropane to take OSHA and NIOSH have issued a hazard alert to urge employers that use 1-bromopropane to take appropriate steps to protect workers from exposure. Exposure to 1-BP has been associated with damage to the nervous system among workers, and it has been shown to cause reproductive harm in animal studies. The chemical is used in degreasing operations, furniture manufacturing, and dry cleaning. The hazard alert is issued in response to information on the increased use of 1-BP as a substitute for other solvents as well as recent reports of overexposure in furniture manufacturing. 



Steps to to protect employees against exposure can include:

1) Replacing that chemical with a less toxic chemical.

2) Installing engineering controls such as ventilations systems or enclosures.

3) Providing employees with proper protective equipment such as respirators and gloves.

4) Training employees on the hazards of exposure to 1-bromopropane.

OSHA Outreach Training

The OSHA Outreach Training Program for General Industry provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in general industry workplaces.  


This class is intended for entry to mid-level workers to help ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights, and contribute to your businesses overall productivity.


Next schedules sessions will be offered in February of 2014 at the NIU Campus in Hoffman Estates, IL. 


OSHA 10-Hour February 17-18, 2014


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OSHA 30-Hour
February 17-20, 2014


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Prevention through JHA

A job hazard analysis is a great tool to help identify hazards and methods of preventing injuries.   This is an easy process that can be used for new equipment, new procedures or existing jobs where injuries keep happening. Gather a small team of at least the supervisor and operators and list all the steps to complete the job. Then for each step, ask how could someone get hurt. List those potential hazards. Then ask how can those hazards be eliminated or reduced.


JHA Form 


Whistleblowers can now file complaints online with OSHA.


The online form will provide workers who have been retaliated against an additional way to reach out for OSHA assistance online.  The new online form prompts the worker to include basic information so they can be easily contacted for follow-up. Complaints are automatically routed to the appropriate regional whistleblower provisions protecting employees who report violations of workplace safety and health.


OSHA Citations
Aldridge Electric Inc, Chicago IL, cited for not implementing a heat stres program.

In June a 36-year old worker worker was carrying heavy electrical conduit piping in non-shaded conditions when he collapsed from heat stroke on the job site.  He did from this heat related illness.

Prevention Basics:
1) Start educating employees on signs and symptoms of heat related illnesses.
2) Allow for more frequent breaks and/or job rotation.
3) Encourage employees to drink plenty of water or sports drinks consistently throughout the day.
4) Perform heavier work during cooler times of the day.


Whistleblowers can now file complaints online with OSHA.


OSHA has proposed a rule to improve workplace safety and health through electronic tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses.  If approved, the rule will required employers with 250 or more employees will have to enter their OSHA 300 log information into a data base on a quarterly basis.   The goal is to have better access to data that will encourage employers to action preventative actions. Currently, this information is collected from a small number of business annually through the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 


Safety Program Solutions
Sensible Safety Source supports your health and safety program development.  We offer a variety of safety programs, training tools, checklists, and webinars designed for U.S. DOL OSHAs general industry regulations 29CFR 1910. 


Injury prevention takes commitment, planning, and preparedness.  SSS can help you with the planning preparedness.

Sensible solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.


Brenda Allard, CSP
Sensible Safety Source LLC

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