Issue #25
April 2016
Featured Manufacturer: Molto Luce
Molto Luce

Molto Luce is Ledra's latest brand of Italian-designed pendants, display lights, and wall, ceiling, and linear lights. Ledra Brands' extensive line of fixtures has and continues to use reliable, energy efficient LEDs that have led the way in the commercial, residential, and lighting design communities. Continuing to make breakthroughs in technology for performance, decorative, and architectural lighting, Ledra Brands provides the latest in solid state technology, while changing age old standards of how LED is viewed. Ledra Brands is specified in some of the highest profile projects, by some of the most revered lighting designers in the world, and has become a leader in solid state lighting design.

Learn more about Molto Luce by visiting their website.
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Introducing TM-30-15
Accurately quantifying the color rendition characteristics of a light source just got a whole lot easier!

For over 50 years, CRI (Color Rendering Index) has been the industry standard for measuring a light source's ability to render specific colors. Even though it's been the standard since it became official in 1965, it has some shortcomings that have remained unaddressed for the past five decades.
  • It doesn't account for many saturated colors.
  • It doesn't account for skin tones.
  • It is calculated using the test source against an incandescent lamp (black body radiator) to find the ratio of difference over a small number of samples.


  • It's limited in how much information it offers. For instance, you can't tell where the source is over- or under-saturated at specific wavelengths. If the source doesn't have that color, then that color won't be rendered in your space.
  • Because there are so few color samples in the test, it is possible for manufacturers to game the system by having lamps hit where the test colors are in the spectrum.
To help eliminate the flaws that are inherent with CRI, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) created the Color Metrics Task Group in 2013. This group created a new Technical Memorandum (TM-30-15) entitled "IES Method for Evaluating Light Source Color Rendition." TM-30-15 relies on separate fidelity and gamut metrics, and utilizes 99 test samples that are more representative of real-world objects as opposed to the pastel samples that are primarily used for the baseline CRI metric. The new color metric fairly and accurately characterizes both LED-based solid-state lighting, as well as legacy sources. And, its more comprehensive measurement methods make it virtually impossible for manufacturers to cut corners.

You can learn more about TM-30-15 here. And, the full technical memorandum can be purchase from IES here.

The MH Companies is certified to teach TM-30-15 classes that will provide you with AIA continuing education credits. And, if you need other types of credits, we can provide the appropriate certificates. To schedule a class, please contact Keri Snook at 303.573.0222 or
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