Issue #21
November 2015
Featured Manufacturer: Kim Lighting
Kim Lighting

ArcheType X Flood
Kim Lighting is a leading designer and manufacturer of quality, high-performance outdoor architectural and landscape lighting products. These include roadway, pedestrian, low-level, and building mounted solutions.

Quality, Innovate and Educate

These three core values are the foundation that Kim was built upon. Kim Lighting has designed and manufactured outdoor lighting products for over seven decades with a focus on producing the highest quality products in the industry.

Learn more about Kim Lighting by visiting their website.
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The BUG System
A New Way to Control Stray Light
From Outdoor Luminaires
The BUG System
The BUG rating system has been created to replace the cutoff system of classifying outdoor luminaires. B (backlight) U (uplight) G (glare) are all scored on a scale of 0-5, with 5 being the highest amount of maximum zonal lumens emitted from the fixture in a direction and 0 being the lowest. Backlight consists of the amount of light in the BL, BM, BH and BVH zones, which is any light that is shining in the opposite direction of the area intended to be lit. Uplight is measured in UL and UH, which cause skyglow and wasted energy respectively. Glare is a measure of the FH, FVH, BH and BVH zones, which cause discomfort and disability glare.

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