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Social media, for me, is about people connecting to people
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Brenda Burch

Welcome to our November newsletter of Cowichan Connections.  This edition we are talking about how to use social media to promote events.  Using the correct social networks to get the message out can be very, very effective and we hope you enjoy the tips and techniques involved. 


For those who followed the recent municipal election, it was interesting to see what a big part social media played in distributing information about the candidates, their stance on issues, and their platforms.  Almost all candidates had a Facebook page, a blog or Twitter or all three.  It was amazing to see the use of video is getting the message across.  It seems the utilization of various social networks to communicate virtually anything within the business community is firmly entrenched. 


You'll see all the details on the Toys, Toiletries and Toques fundraiser to be held outside Walmart on Saturday, December 6th.  This is a community non-food drive to benefit those less fortunate during the holiday season - particularly the children - and all of us involved in the Cowichan Valley Social Media Club are working hard to see that this year's event is the best year ever.  I hope I see you on the 6th so I can thank you personally for your generosity!


The elves at Social Media is Simple are working on some great sessions for the new year.  Stuck on a great stocking stuffer for your social media minded spouse, partner, or colleague?

Wouldn't a gift certificate from Social Media is Simple be just the thing?

Enjoy the upcoming season - there are festivals and holiday events galore in the beautiful Cowichan Valley! 

It's the time of the year when we turn attention to planning holiday events. Whether you are hosting a company party, a holiday fund raiser or craft fair, you want to let people now about your event.


What are some steps you need to know to get your event promoted?


Plan - Identify what your goals are, identify your target audience and create a plan to make it happen. Decide the objectives of the event and plan which social media channels you want to use to publicize your event. Not all channels suit every event.


Organize a team - Get your influencers involved. They can help you to spread the word and build anticipation around your event. Provide them with downloadable items for print or email distribution.


Publish - You've got your plan and you know what channels you will use to create your event. Make sure you include all the details.Create images or video to build anticipation. Interview people who have attended past events. Share on all identified channels in your plan.


Frequent updates - You cannot "set it and forget it". Continue to update people about your event. Announce guests or giveaways as they are confirmed. Track your RSVPs. Frequent updates keeps you audience engaged and your event top of mind.


Share - Once published, you can share your events on multiple channels. Encourage your audience to share on their channels. People want to participate. Acknowledge them when they do. If you have sponsors for your event, make sure they are recognized for their support.


Engage - Draw your audience into a conversation. Ask them to share on topics relevant to the event. Create a unique identifier around the event and encourage sharing e.g. #myholidayevent, #BestXmasEver.


Follow Up - Sharing doesn't end when the event is over. Tell people if your event was successful, post images, acknowledge and thank your volunteers and build anticipation for next year's event.



Event Planning Checklist 

Event Planning Guide Book

Event Calendar Listings

Posting your event to an online calendar can help spread the news about your event. 

Here are a few to get you started. These should help you to reach a number of demographics.

Harbour Living - click Submit an Event  in the orange menu bar.

Kids in Victoria - click Share an Event found just under the calendar

Linking Boomers - click Post an Event found under the calendar

Toys, Toiletries & Toques

We have FIVE local businesses providing their vehicles to be STUFFED full of goodies on December 6 at Wal-Mart Cowcichan Commons. Many thanks to Cowichan Sound and Cellular, Mid-Island Ink Depot, Social Media is Simple, Zuk Design and Speedy Glass. It's sure to be a successful drive.


As an active member of the Cowichan Valley Social Media Club, I will be at Wal-Mart on December 6 to support our 4th annual Toys Toiletries & Toques fundraiser.


I love this event because I get to meet so many generous people who care about our community. Their support make this event successful year after year.


Don't know what items we will be collecting? Here's a shopping list you can download and take with you. Can't make it but want to make a donation? There is a location near you! Drop off locations

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11:00 A.M. TO 3:00 P.M.


 I love hearing about your life. And...even when you are giving us snapshots into the personal life of Brenda Burch, you are still Social Media minded...you tagged 4 businesses in this personal pair and now I know where to buy our turkey, blueberries for next year, imagine your shopping trip & will no doubt see photos of you & Reba. So....thanks for modeling real social media! Mari Smith would be proud of you!" Beverlee Caron

Social Media is Simple is a consortium of talent lead by myself and including design, digital, communications, and PR professionals as required. We take pride in our business network and we tackle every new consulting project with passion and developed expertise.  I look forward to continuing to focus locally on the Cowichan Valley for Simplified, Effective Social Media for Business. 



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