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Happy Holidays! With parties, potlucks and busy days on the agenda for December, a slow cooker (crock pot) can be a perfect partner. It's a healthy, timesaving way to cook and can make traveling with food a lot easier. See all of Grace O's tips and ideas for holiday foods and celebrations. We're also giving away a crock pot this month (see details below)   


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Parties, Potlucks, and Food That Travels Well   

By Grace O

December is rife with holiday parties and I love to entertain. Mostly I throw parties at my home or in elegant hotels like the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. Occasionally I attend potluck parties at other people's homes. Bringing food to a party can be tricky. It has to be prepared ahead of time, survive being packed and transported, and look elegant once it's plated at the party site. Also, it needs to taste great at room temperature. These are not small considerations, but I do have some recipes that will make your potluck contribution a success.

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Win a Free Stainless Steel Crock Pot  
By FoodTrients            

Gather the family 'round the dinner table with help from this programmable crock pot slow cooker. This month we're giving one away to one lucky winner. The 6 1/2 quart model is an ideal size when cooking for up to eight or nine people, the unit's roomy interior offers enough space to accommodate a 7-pound roast or a large batch of butternut squash soup, vegetable curry, or other favorite recipe. Read More 

Four Basic Makeup Tips To Help You Get Through A 12 Hour Shift      
Header ImageBy Scrubs            

Being a hard working career gal can sometimes feel like a high impact sport for the amount of action that's involved. Even if you're able to keep up with the day, sometimes...Read More

Stay Warm With Tasty Soup       
Moringa Vegetable SoupHeader Image
In Africa and Asia, where moringa plants grow in abundance, people add the tiny leaves to soups and stews just before serving. The leaves are wilted by the hot liquid but are not fully cooked, so their vitamins stay...Get the Recipe 

Your Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

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By Life Extension  

It's the holiday season. We're pretty sure that many of you are going to party a little bit, and no, we're not going to try to discourage it.

During this time of year, many of us break from our routines...Read More 

Keep Skin Healthy With Natural Oils 

By Dr. Mark Rosenberg

It's winter in many parts of North America now and many people may start to be bothered by "winter itch," that dry, flaky, reddened skin condition that may occur when heated homes become dry.  Even if you live in a warmer climate, you could be like some of my patients who experience oilier, break-out prone skin, especially if you perspire more...Read More 

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December 11, 2012 


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