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At this time of year when holiday foods reign, it's hard to resist all of the tasty dishes and tempting desserts. It's the perfect time to look at foods that aid our digestive systems. Fermented foods do just that. They promote healthy microflora in the gut and help break down food in our stomach, releasing more nutrients and decreasing heartburn. Some of them keep us feeling full with less food, which means we are less likely to over eat.  


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Fermented Foods Preserve Healthy Digestion 

By Grace O

When I was a teenager, my mom and I made atchara together. Atchara is a sweet-and-sour pickle made from green, unripe papayas and other vegetables. Eaten with grilled pork or fried fish, it's considered the national dish of the Philippines (see our family recipe below). We also used to make our own pickled cucumbers--both the sweet kind and the salty kind. And because there were almost no German delis at the time, my mother fermented her own sauerkraut and ground and stuffed her own sausages. Read More 

20 Fabulous Skin Care Secrets   
By Scrubs         
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Are the long hours, stressful conditions and harsh sanitizing agents in the average workplace taking a toll on your skin? Women often struggle with looking their best in the face of a work environment that does little to support healthy, glowing skin. You have to take extra steps to pamper yourself if you want to look fabulous! Here are 20 easy tips...Read More 

What You Ought To Know About Allergy Cross-Reactions     
By Scrubs            
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You may think you're aware of all your allergens and have them under control. But did you know that some allergy sufferers can have allergic cross-reactions to foods that...Read More 

Antioxidant Dessert      
Sweet Potato and Jack Fruit Delight
Header Image This dessert is very popular in Asia. Jackfruit, one of the world's largest tree fruit, is very high in antioxidants and has a mild tropical taste. Coconut milk helps hydrate the skin and keep it elastic. Sweet potatoes are packed with carotenoids and potassium. Get the Recipe

New Findings On The Calcium Supplement Controversy    
By Dr. Mark Rosenberg 


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If you've been taking calcium supplements as prevention against osteoporosis and then quit because of the concerning findings of previous studies - you may not have needed to, says a new Harvard...Read More 

Astaxanthin: An Antioxidant With "Star" Qualities      
 By Dr. Mark Rosenberg 

Many of my patients are on the lookout for anti-aging news and products that will help them stay younger--looking, stronger and healthier as they age.  Perhaps you, too, are looking for the best anti-aging products and information you can find.  Well, you've come to the right place, as anti-aging medicine is my specialty...Read More 

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November 28, 2012 


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