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September 1 is the wedding anniversary of Jennifer and Ange Mendino.  Ange is marking the day with the release of his book, The Battle We Didn't Choose

Book Release, by Ange Merendino
The Battle We Didn't Choose
Jen passed  in December 2011. Part of the proceeds from this book will be donated to The Love You Share, a non-profit organization honoring her.

Click the photo above for more information about the book, and be sure to check out Ange's photo blog, My Wife's Fight With Breast Cancer.

We'd also like to recognize and thank a few of our loyal "Frequent Readers." Arlene Johnson at Sharp Memorial Hospital, Louise Fellman at Presence Covenant Medical Center, and Mary Jackson at St. Vincent Health -- we hope you liked the QSUM Breast Bars. We're glad you enjoy QUIPS, and we look forward to continuing to bring you the latest industry news every month.







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"Healthy discontent is the prelude to progress."
-- Mahatma Gandhi
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Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There's still time to order customized give-aways. Call us at (877) 304-4446 to place your order.  Details in the link above.

Best New Product
Medebra is an amazing, clinical-quality undergarment for men and women during and after surgery.  With three colors to choose from: pink, black, and white.
Medical Reports:  MEDEBRA
Medical Reports: MEDEBRA

Best Green Product
Phoenix nurse fashions hospital discards into totes. Effort diverts clean waste from landfills.

Totes from hospital discards


GE First to Sell Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography. Performed as an adjunct to inconclusive mammography and ultrasound, SenoBright contrast-enhanced spectral mammography highlights areas of unusual blood flow patterns.

New Treatment Strategy for Breast Cancer Spread to Brain. Researchers have successfully combined cellular therapy and gene therapy in a mouse model system to develop a viable treatment strategy for breast cancer that has metastasized to the patient's brain.

New Drug Targets for Aggressive Breast Cancer. treating a disease. UBASH3B not only inhibits TNBC invasive growth, but also significantly reduces metastasis."

Increased Options for Older Breast Cancer Patients. After long-term follow-up, there remains a benefit in terms of reduction of local recurrence for patients receiving tamoxifen plus radiation therapy. (Medscape login required.)

The 'C' Word Affects DCIS Treatment Choice. More women switched away from a preference for surgery than switched to a surgical preference with the change in terminology from one scenario to the next.

Breast Density
What women - and their physicians - need to know about breast density. While the debate over breast density may continue for some time, it is clear that women want information that enables them to make intelligent choices and take charge of their breast health.

Breast Biopsy
Is Surgery Necessary for Breast Tissue Abnormality Found on Biopsy? Findings show that some women can avoid surgery, and that yearly mammograms, along with MRI or ultrasound as second-line screening tools, may suffice. (Medscape login required.)
LS7072 Stage Drape
QSUM's LS702 Stage Drape

Use of breast MRI leads to more invasive surgery. Heavy use of MRI may be leading to unnecessary mastectomies in older women with breast cancer, according to a study.

Study links triple-negative breast cancer on MRI, PET/CT scans. researchers have found links between the appearance of triple-negative breast cancer on two different imaging modalities, MRI and PET/CT. 
QSUM's MT301 Scalpel Needle Kit 

New QSUM MRI Scalpel/Needle Kit
QSUM's MRI Biopsy Tray



Basic Interventional Tray

BI-RADS 3 Breast Lesions Have Low Malignancy Rate. The authors concluded that waiting for 12 months for follow-up may be appropriate, given the study's findings. 


Mammo Face Mask
Mammo Face Mask

Help Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition Stop Breast Cancer Before It Starts.  The Massachusetts Breast Cancer Coalition (MBCC) is a local grassroots advocacy organization dedicated to preventing environmental causes of breast cancer through community education, research advocacy and changes to public policy.

Estrogen's Effects On Fat Depends On Where It's Located. Estrogen's effects on these fat deposits was highly dependent on the deposits' specific location and the fat-burning interventions themselves.

Women's Height Linked to Cancer Risk. The taller a post-menopausal women is the higher risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Stress Gene Activation Linked With Breast Cancer Spread In New Study. A new study in mice shows how exactly activation of a gene linked to stress could potentially lead to the spread of cancer.

Researchers Identify Splice Variant of Breast Cancer Gene that Can Mask Risk of Recurrence. Researchers have identified a subset of breast cancer patients whose standard bio-marker tests may incorrectly classify patients as "low risk" and benefiting from endocrine therapy.

Breast Augmentation Patients Benefit From FDA Decision. The FDA recently approved a new kind of silicone gel breast implant, increasing the number of options for women interested in breast augmentation.

Operating-room suite reduces need for second breast-cancer surgery. Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston may put an end to repeat breast surgeries. It's called the AMIGO (Advanced Multimodality Image Guided Operating) Suite.


Breast Cancer Lymphedema Etiquette. "Oh!  Breast Cancer, huh?!"  The shouter loped up beside me, pointed at my compression sleeve-clad arm and loudly jabbered away about breast cancer.

Let Life Happen Voted A Top Breast Cancer Blog For a Second Year In a Row. Surprisingly, the article doesn't include a link to the blog, so here it is:  Let Life Happen

 My Wife's Fight With Breast Cancer - The author of this blog is releasing a book on September 1. See more information in the opening note of this newsletter.


All the products pictured in QSUM Quips can be purchased online. Just click a photo to access the product page where you can place an order, or go to our website to shop around. 

Mammo Ribbon IP Breast Bar pink gloves  



Dr. Jay K. Harness talks about the seriousness of DCIS breast cancer.

How Serious is DCIS Breast Cancer?
How Serious is DCIS Breast Cancer?

This video includes a link to The 15 Breast Cancer Questions To Ask Your Doctor, as well as a link to a site for getting your questions answered by an expert.
Recipes of the Month: Quiche and Tomato Sauce    

 Garden Vegetable Crustless Quiche 

This can be assembled the night before, refrigerated, and cooked just prior to serving.   

Garden Vegetable Crustless Quiche
Click photo for recipe

 Fresh Tomato Sauce
(Click for Recipe)

Recipe - Tomatoe sauce 
Photo Credit: Corey Burger



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