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Thought For The Day
Depression is a flaw in chemistry not character.

(A not-so-technical explanation: Adventures in Depression.)
HotTopicHOT TOPIC: Breast Density
Concept: Breast Density
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Breast Density is being talked about a lot.  Studies are drawing our attention to the importance of knowing how to diagnose and treat patients with dense breasts. New laws are being passed to ensure that women are given the information they need.  We are highlighting this topic to help you keep up with the pace of new information.

Women with Dense Breasts Welcome Additional Screening. A survey of women undergoing routine screening mammography found that many of them would be interested in pursuing additional screening tests if notified they had dense breast tissue, despite the possibility of false positives, invasive procedures, and out-of-pocket costs.

Tennessee and Alabama Pass Breast Density Inform Legislation. Thirty-six percent of American women now live in states with mandatory Breast Density Inform.

Breast Density - A Primer - A contribution to QSUM's blog.

See our Video Pick of the Month
QSUM has the opportunity to work closely with breast centers and industry experts.  As a matter of course we hear stories about new technology entering our market.  Some of the things people are excited about right now:

Volumetric Breast Density Software
Breast Density Assessment  
Volpara - Radiologists are provided with volumetric breast density
readings along with a BI-RADS breast density classification for each patient.

Automated Breast Tomography
iVu's SOFIA breast imaging system
iVu Imaging Corporation - iVu's SOFIA is uniquely capable as an adjunct
to mammography for dense breast patients.
Fischer-Giotto stereotactic biopsy
Fischer-Giotto at Boulder Community Hospital (Colorado) Fischer Medical Technologies - Doctor and technologists at Boulder
Community Hospital talk about stereotactic biopsy with the
Fischer-Giotto Image.



Breast Implants Linked to Poorer Survival From Breast Cancer. Women with cosmetic breast implants who develop breast cancer have a higher risk of being diagnosed with nonlocalized breast tumors and have lower breast-cancer-specific survival than women without implants. (Medscape password required)

How Does Pregnancy Reduce Breast Cancer Risk? Basel discovered that genes involved in the immune system and differentiation were up-regulated after pregnancy while the activity of genes coding for growth factors was reduced.

The Older Breast Cancer Survivor: What Does She Need? Most of these women reported that they did not feel that their age had affected their care and treatment. (Medscape password required)

3D Mammography: Coming to a Screening Near You? A potential downside is that integrated 2D/3D screening roughly doubles the radiation exposure to the breast. (Medscape password required)

Digital Mammography Cancer Detection Rates May Vary Significantly.  Digital direct radiography (DR) is significantly more effective than computed radiography (CR) at detecting breast cancer.

Despite New Recommendations, Women in 40s Continue to Get Routine Mammograms at Same Rate. Women in their 40s continue to undergo routine breast cancer screenings despite national guidelines recommending otherwise.

Hologic Receives FDA Approval for Low-Dose 3-D Mammography.
The combination of Hologic's 3-D and C-View 2-D images results in less time under compression, for greater patient comfort and a lower radiation dose, while still providing the 2-D images required as part of Hologic's FDA-approved 3-D mammography screening exam.
Better Dyes for Imaging Technology. These dyes are ten times better, far cheaper and easier to use. The latter I believe, will lead to expanded opportunities and broadened use, by physicians and researchers in developing countries.

CAD for breast MRI improves sensitivity; accuracy not so much. The study also showed no significant differences in the overall time it took the 20 readers -- 11 novice and nine experienced radiologists -- to interpret breast MR images with or without CAD.  
QSUM's MT301 Scalpel Needle Kit 
New QSUM MRI Scalpel/Needle Kit
QSUM's MRI Biopsy Tray



Basic Interventional Tray

A Dilemma in the Search for Breast Cancer Doctors are divided about how best to scan "dense" breasts. A look at the options. In women with the densest breasts, mammography misses about half of cancers. (For more news about breast density, check out the Hot Topic section of this newsletter.)

Wireless ultrasound system enhance patient monitoring. SIEMENS has introduced the world's first ultrasound system with wireless transducers, eliminating cables.




Mammo Face Mask
Mammo Face Mask

ASRT Offers Assistance to Members Affected by Tornadoes:  extension on membership renewal deadlines and expiration dates.

BRCA Choices Not Affordable for Many US Women. Angelina Jolie's story has also caused a ripple of backlash across the Internet, exposing the realities of many US women who have little choice on the issue, especially if they do not have the health insurance, the money, or the means to undertake a series of extended medical procedures. (Medscape password required)

SalaryScan data reveal gender gap between U.S. radiologists. Male radiologists make an average of 20% more than female radiologists in the U.S., according to new salary data from

Massachusetts' Health Care Reform Didn't Raise Hospital Use, Costs Massachusetts' healthcare reform didn't result in substantially more hospital use or higher costs, according to data presented at the American Heart Association's Quality of Care and Outcomes Research Scientific Sessions 2013. 


Over the last several years we've been building a library of blog sites that help us stay connected with people involved in the breast health world. Compared to articles -- like the ones in the topic sections of
QSUM Quips -- blogs are often written from a more personal perspective. The best part is they're interactive, and the comments left by readers are often as insightful, if not more so, as the blog posting. 

I love this as a support system!  Create your own breast cancer support website. at Caring Bridge.

3D Mammography: A work in progress... aka, breast tomosynthesis; still using compression and radiation, but with images obtained in an arc and then reconstructed into thinner slices.

Cancer Be Glammed I used to joke to my friends that, "Cancer makes you check your vanity at the door."

Climbing back into the mouth of the beast. "I'm currently going through the joys of breast reconstruction . . ."

Banging The Pots For Prevention  ". . . there are many who have taken the definition of disease prevention and retooled it masterfully to further drive diagnosis and treatment of disease, and, thereby, thrive at our expense. Beware!"


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Stereotactic Breast Biopsy: Approach, Technique, and Equipment

This webinar provides an overview of the clinical indications for performing stereotactic breast biopsy, as well as pitfalls, patient management, and selection of appropriate device.

This is an Archived 1-Hour Webinar
Presented on May 17, 2011
Available until June 30, 2013
For breast imaging professionals
Credit: 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1; 1.0 ARRT Category A+
Presented by Mary K. Hayes, MD

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Concepts and Rationale 


Per the recommendations of the ACR and the FDA-mandated training for new technology and equipment, all members of the healthcare team must be trained in why, when and how to appropriately use DBT for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with breast disease.


A certified 70-minute prerecorded webinar for radiologists and radiologic technologists.

Expiration date of this link: July 1, 2013

Faculty: Jules H. Sumkin, DO, FACR and Margarita L. Zuley, MD

Credit: 1.25 AMA PRA; 1.0 ARRT

Offered by ICPME, made possible by an educational grant from Hologic


A clip of the course:

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis





More on the "Hot Topic" of dense breasts.

New Law Requires Doctors to Inform Women If They Have Dense Breasts
New Law Requires Doctors to Inform Women If They Have Dense Breasts

Recipe of the Month: Pumpkin Ice Cream

With Summer here who can resist Pumpkin Ice Cream????   


Recipe - Pumpkin Icecream




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