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Medical professionals assume risk and liability as part of their day-to-day routine.  Protecting their patients as well as themselves from infection is a large part of that responsibility. It is in this area especially that QSUM continues to excel. We are proud to announce our recent alliance with CIVCO Medical Solutions. (See the article in ITOnline.)
CIVCO Medical Solutions
Many of you may already be familiar with CIVCO and their many products that address your needs to reduce infection rates and the climbing costs associated with them.  CIVCO is now listing interventional patient drapes  from QSUM in their ultrasound line.

Whether we're providing our customers with products directly or through a partner like CIVCO, QSUM is committed to listening and learning about what our industry needs, and then finding ways to deliver solutions.

We know that our readers value continuous learning, and that's why we're happy to bring you QSUM Quips every month.  This issue contains current news from our industry, curated especially for you.





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"The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go."   
-- Dr. Seuss
I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!     
The App You Should Skip.....Smartphone apps frequently misdiagnose dangerous melanomas as unthreatening lesions.

Oral breast cancer vaccine may offer new prevention tool. A new oral vaccine that produces a novel two-pronged immune system attack on cancer cells could be effective in preventing breast cancer recurrence.

Contrast-enhanced FFDM may have edge over breast MRI. Dual-energy contrast-enhanced full-field digital mammography (FFDM) finds additional cancers in the breast with better specificity than MRI.

Green solution for medical waste. A machine that incinerates hazardous medical waste into ash within minutes is set to make the disposal of waste green while reducing the risk of infection.


Breast imaging market to hit $5B by 2017.  A market research report by MarketsAndMarkets.


Vital Signs: Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Severity. Despite having lower incidence rates, black women had a 41% higher breast cancer death rate.

Cancer Screening Rates Have Fallen In US. Despite evidence that earlier diagnosis and improved treatment increases survival, rates of people seeking preventive cancer screening have fallen in the US in the last ten years.

Breast Cancer 'Different' in Younger Women. Women 35 years of age or younger have a biologically different form of breast cancer than women who develop the disease at an older age.

The Factor That Could Influence Future Breast Cancer Treatment. The same molecular decision occurs in breast cancer and that ELF5 has the ability to change an existing tumour into an estrogen-insensitive tumour.

Costly Breast Cancer Screenings Don't Add Up to Better Outcomes, Study Finds. Even though Medicare spends over $1 billion per year on breast cancer screenings there is no evidence that higher spending benefits older women.

Bias and Spin in Reporting of Breast Cancer Trials.  Canadians reviewed 164 breast cancer clinical trials published from 1995 to 2011.  They found bias in the reporting of the primary end point in 33% of those studies and bias in the reporting of toxicity in 67%.

Chemoprevention of Breast Cancer to Be Offered in UK. For the first time, guidelines in the United Kingdom will recommend chemoprevention for breast cancer.

Screening Harms Outweigh Benefits When Life Expectancy Is Short. Screening for breast and colorectal cancer should be targeted at individuals who have a life expectancy greater than 10 years. Otherwise, the harms may outweigh the benefits of screening.

3D Mammography May Improve Invasive Breast Cancer Detection. Screening with 2-dimensional (2D) mammography plus 3D reconstruction using tomosynthesis significantly increased detection of invasive breast cancers by 40%.

Use Aromatherapy - Healthy Tips For Breast Cancer. The research continues to prove the undeniable value of aromatherapy in our wellness and well being.

Task Force Statement May Be Deterring Women From Mammography. Researchers now report that the rate of screening has declined significantly in the Medicare population.

Aggressive Breast Cancer's Metastatic Path Revealed. Scientists have discovered the molecular switch that allows aggressive triple negative breast cancer cells to grow the amoeba-like protrusions they need to crawl away from a primary tumor and metastasize throughout the body.

Try To Eat A Plant Based Diet - Healthy Tips For Breast Cancer

Among Breast Cancer Screens, Pricey Isn't Always Better  For older women, cheaper methods of detecting breast cancer may be as good as more expensive ones, according to the latest research.

Window of Weight Gain May Affect Breast Cancer Risk. Research is clear that obese, postmenopausal women are at increased risk of developing breast cancer.
Low-dose mammo, wireless US probe, 3T MRI pace Siemens at RSNA. A new digital mammography system with lower radiation dose, a wireless ultrasound probe, a 3-tesla MRI scanner designed for high-performance clinical and research work

MRI tumor features help predict breast cancer recurrence. Certain tumor features as seen on contrast-enhanced breast MRI may be predictive of breast cancer recurrence, potentially helping clinicians assess prognosis and determine the most appropriate treatment.

MRI can detect breast cancer in average-risk women. A study by German researchers shows MRI screening can help detect breast cancer in women who are only at average risk of developing the disease and have no personal or family history of breast cancer.

Use Aromatherapy - Healthy Tips For Breast Cancer.  The research continues to prove the undeniable value of aromatherapy in our wellness and well being.

MRI in the evolution of Breast Cancer Detection  The age-adjusted downward rate of death from breast cancer in the U.S. has been attributed to mammography and improvements in therapy.   
QSUM's MT301 Scalpel Needle Kit
New QSUM MRI Scalpel/Needle Kit
QSUM's MRI Biopsy Tray



Basic Interventional Tray

Ultrasound a Viable Screening Option for Breast Cancer. In areas where screening mammography for breast cancer is scarce or nonexistent, ultrasound should be considered as a screening tool.

Breast US could be option for primary cancer screening. Although ultrasound is not intended to be performed instead of mammography when mammography is available, it can help find node-negative invasive cancers -- the very cancers clinicians most want to find by screening.

Yearly screening breast US benefits women with dense tissue. Although the optimal frequency of screening breast ultrasound for women with mammographically dense breast tissue remains under debate, study data presented at last week's RSNA 2012 meeting suggest that this population would benefit from yearly scans.


iCAD receives nod from FDA. PowerLook AMP allows radiologists to customize their CAD software, and its DICOM connectivity supports direct integration with Philips' IntelliSpace breast workstation.

FDG-PET/CT aids advanced breast cancer patients. FDG-PET/CT can provide "significant prognostic stratification information" at initial staging for patients with locally advanced breast cancer compared to conventional imaging.

Dilon points to BSGI sensitivity in 2 studies. Study results that indicate molecular breast imaging (MBI) with the company's BSGI technology can achieve greater sensitivity than mammography and ultrasound.

QSUM product Brachy Bandage
QSUM's Breast Brachytherapy Bandage

Malpositioned APBI catheter linked to cancer recurrence. A case of local recurrence believed to be caused by a malpositioned catheter was recently presented in the Breast Journal.

Chemoprevention of Breast Cancer to Be Offered in UK The recommendation is one of several strategies added in an update of the guidelines on familial breast cancer.



Mammo Face Mask
Mammo Face Mask

Cancer Deaths Stay on Downward Path. U.S. cancer death rates in 2009 were down 20% from their peak in 1991, primarily because of large decreases in death rates from lung and prostate cancer in men and in breast cancer in women.

The 20 Most Insightful Healthcare Technology Infographics of 2012. Infographics of 2012 highlighting the growing utilizations of infographics in healthcare.

Your patients may depend on social media. A new study indicates that 41 percent of patients report that social media impacts their choice of hospital. 

CIVCO Medical Solutions
Civco Adds Layer of Infection Control With Patient Drapes.  The latex-free patient drapes allow complete access oto the area of interest while protecting both patient and clinician from infectious bodily fluids.

All the products pictured in QSUM Quips can be purchased online. Just click a photo to access the product page where you can place an order, or go to our website to shop around. 

Mammo Ribbon IP Breast Bar pink gloves  



We also have a webstore at Just type "QSUM" in their search bar for an easy way to order products.


Stereotactic Breast Biopsy: Approach, Technique, and Equipment

This webinar provides an overview of the clinical indications for performing stereotactic breast biopsy, as well as pitfalls, patient management, and selection of appropriate device.

This is an Archived 1-Hour Webinar
Presented on May 17, 2011
Available until June 30, 2013
For breast imaging professionals
Credit: 1.0 AMA PRA Category 1; 1.0 ARRT Category A+
Presented by Mary K. Hayes, MD

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Concepts and Rationale 


Per the recommendations of the ACR and the FDA-mandated training for new technology and equipment, all members of the healthcare team must be trained in why, when and how to appropriately use DBT for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with breast disease.


A certified 70-minute prerecorded webinar for radiologists and radiologic technologists.

Expiration date of this link: July 1, 2013

Faculty: Jules H. Sumkin, DO, FACR and Margarita L. Zuley, MD

Credit: 1.25 AMA PRA; 1.0 ARRT

Offered by ICPME, made possible by an educational grant from Hologic


A clip of the course:

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis





You just gotta' love this dance video with Pinkie Patti. Be sure to check out the Amazing Women Rock website!

Ellen's Dance Dare w Pinkie Patti
Ellen's Dance Dare with Pinkie Patti

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