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It's November and it seems fitting to focus on food. So, this month we're leading with our recipe . . . which has become a popular section of QSUM Quips.  Who can resist Whipped Sweet Potatoes?!?  The recipe, posted below, wasn't accompanied by a photo of the finished product. But, if you make this Newsletter-Purple Turkey delicious-sounding dish and would like to share your own photo, we'd love to see it.  We may even feature it on our Pinterest board!


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For those who are attending the RSNA Annual Meeting in Chicago the week after Thanksgiving, we wish you safe travels and a good show.  We will be following @RSNA and #RSNA12 on Twitter.  Please give us a shout-out @CQSUM and let us know about the sessions you're attending and what you're learning. 


We hope that at this time of Thanksgiving, you are constantly reminded of not only what makes you thankful, but of how thankful others are because of you.  We, for one, we are truly thankful for you and for the work you do.    





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My Favorite November Recipe: Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Apple


Thanksgiving dinner isn't complete without sweet potatoes. This delicious recipe might be one you keep on making right through the holiday season.   


Recipe - Whipped Sweet Potates with Apples
Photo by Fortinbras on Flickr 



 Whipped Sweet Potatoes with Apple (click for recipe)  


If you DO make this recipe, we'd love it if you'd e-mail us a photo so we can add it to our Pinterest Board



Thought For The Day
"Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings." 

-- William Arthur Ward   
PACS:  Managing Monitors for Digital Mammography.  Keeping up with the latest monitor technology also is part of the maintenance process.

NoTouch BreastScan Technology now FDA approved. Includes animated video demonstrating the technology.

Blood Hormone Levels Predicted Long-Term Breast Cancer Risk for Postmenopausal Women. Blood hormone tests predicted a woman's risk for developing pohstmenopausal breast cancer for up to 20 years.

Breakthrough technique images breast tumors in 3-D with great clarity, reduced radiation. Colleagues have been able to produce three-dimensional images of breast tissue that are two to three times sharper than those made using current CT scanners at hospitals.   video:

Emerging Trends in Breast Imaging. Breast screening is changing in the wake of expanding breast density reporting laws in the United States.

Enhancing Breast Cancer Detection: Computer Algorithm Analyzes Thermal Images of Breasts.

Stereoscopic Mammography Could Reduce Recall Rate. A new three-dimensional (3-D) digital mammography technique has the potential to significantly improve the accuracy of breast cancer screening,

Laser Microscope Technology Detects Metastatic Breast Cancer Without Damaging Lymph Nodes.

Philips to Introduce MicroDose Mammography SI With Low-Dose Spectral Imaging. New Philips MicroDose SI, a full-field digital mammography system, brings the potential of non-invasive spectral imaging to clinical practice without exposing women to additional examinations or X-ray radiation.

VA Leads Nation in Breast Cancer Screening Rates. VA has outperformed non-VA health care systems in breast cancer screenings for more than 15 years.

Breast Cancer: Quality of Life Tracks Health Status. Asked to rate their quality of life, women with breast cancer are likely to base their answer on their ability to function normally and the number of symptoms with which they contend on a daily basis.

Mechanisms of Action for Green Tea Extract in Breast Cancer Prevention Identified. An oral green tea extract, Polyphenon E, appears to inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor and hepatocyte growth factor, both of which promote tumor cell growth, migration and invasion.

High Levels of Estradiol, Progesterone During Pregnancy Associated With Increased Risk for HR-Negative Breast Cancer. Increased concentrations of the pregnancy hormones estradiol and progesterone were associated with an increased risk for hormone receptor-negative breast cancer diagnosed before age 50.

Developed a Technology That Predicts Metastasis in Breast Cancer. Bellvitge Biomedical Research Institute (IDIBELL) and The Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO) have collaborated on the development of a diagnostic tool that identifies the metastatic ability of breast cancer cells.

Breast-Feeding Reduced Risk for ER/PR-Negative Breast Cancer Breast-feeding reduced the risk for estrogen receptor-negative and progesterone receptor-negative breast cancer.

Study Sheds New Light On the Progression and Invasiveness of Ductal Breast Cancer. A new study has found that despite an enormous degree of intercellular heterogeneity in both DCIS and IDC, the evolution from noninvasive to invasive disease is determined by recurrent patterns of genomic imbalances in most cases.

Cost, Availability Hinder Breast Cancer Therapy in China. Video interview with Sandra M. Swain, M.D., and Zefei Jiang, M.D., including transcript.

FDA Releases Mammography Quality Standards Act National Statistics. FDA has reported information about national inspection results from its Mammography Quality Standards Act (MQSA) program.

Tumors Outside Breast May Hold Key to Predicting Aggressive Cancer. Doctors can best determine whether a woman has an aggressive or slow-growing form of breast cancer by testing the level of a protein in tumors that have spread outside the breast.

New Finding Gives Clues for Overcoming Tamoxifen-Resistant Breast Cancer. New findings about specific cellular mechanisms that may help overcome endocrine (hormone) therapy-resistance in patients with estrogen-positive breast cancers.

Racial Differences Exist in the Link Between Consumption of Meat and Breast Cancer Risk. African-American women show no clear association found between intake of any kind of meat and breast cancer risk.

Researchers Target Breast Cancer in Three Trials. A malarial drug is showing promise in stopping breast cancer before it starts.

Study: Obamacare to boost mammo demand. The Affordable Care Act (PPACA), widely known as Obamacare, could boost demand for mammography screening by half a million women per year or more in 2014.

New Study Sheds Light on the Progression and Invasiveness of Ductal Breast Cancer. A study found the evolution from noninvasive to invasive disease is determined by recurrent patterns of genomic imbalances in most cases.

Cancer trials can lack clear information on biopsies. Not all cancer studies requiring biopsies are of the highest quality. And some don't make it into the published scientific literature.

Health Care Reform and Women's Insurance Coverage for Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening. The primary objective of this study was to estimate the number of low-income women who would gain health insurance after implementation of the ACA and thus be able to obtain cancer screening.

Aerobic Exercise Eases Breast and Prostate Cancer Fatigue. Aerobic exercise can help relieve fatigue related to breast and prostate cancer, both during and after treatment.



A Reduction In Breast Biopsies Likely With New MRI Technique  Water diffusion measurements with MRI could decrease false-positive breast cancer results and reduce preventable biopsies.

Dedicated breast MRI reins in false positives.  The results of this study, published in the October 2012 issue of Radiology, address what has historically been a weak point for breast MRI: its specificity.   
New QSUM MRI Titanium Scalpel 
New QSUM MRI Titanium Scalpel
QSUM's MRI Biopsy Tray - includes Nonferro-magnetic scalpel and 20g needle



Basic Interventional Tray
GE taps interest in ABUS with U-Systems acquisition.  A move that highlights the rapid evolution of ABUS from a niche technology into a promising adjunct to screening mammography.

Progress in Ultrasound-Guided Surgery May Improve Breast Cancer Treatment. The UCSD team is working on a better method for tagging tumors that should reduce the need for follow-up surgeries.

Ultrasound Microbubbles for Molecular Diagnosis, Therapy, and Theranostics. This review on the use of microbubbles for ultrasound-based molecular imaging, therapy, and theranostics addresses innovative concepts and identifies areas in which clinical translation is foreseeable in the near future.

Ultrasound Market Healthy and Growing According to a recent report by KLAS entitled, "Ultrasound 2012: Technology Improved, Usage Amplified," published in June, healthcare providers are content with their systems and predict increased usage for the future.
Man in pink: My male breast cancer journey. Irene and I were both diagnosed with breast cancer at age 46.  

QSUM product Brachy Bandage
QSUM's Breast Brachytherapy Bandage

Yale study: Popular breast cancer treatment may yield higher complications. St. Vincent's has been doing brachytherapy for six or seven years, and the hospital's complication rates are nowhere near as high as those suggested by the Yale study.

Breast Radiation won't hurt your heart. Women who underwent breast radiotherapy did not have a higher risk of long-term cardiac morbidity than patients who had modified radical mastectomy, according to a quarter century's worth of data.

Older Breast Cancer Patients See More Complications With Brachytherapy. The study involved a national sample of approximately 30,000 women with Medicare coverage.

Exercise and Complete Decongestive Therapy Best Ways to Manage Lymphedema. Full-body exercise and complete decongestive therapy (CDT) are the best ways for patients to minimize their symptoms and maintain their quality of life.

High-Quality Personal Relationships Improve Survival in Women With Breast Cancer. The personal relationships that surround an individual -- appears to be just as important as the size of her networks in predicting breast cancer survival.  


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Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Concepts and Rationale 


Per the recommendations of the ACR and the FDA-mandated training for new technology and equipment, all members of the healthcare team must be trained in why, when and how to appropriately use DBT for the diagnosis, treatment, and management of patients with breast disease.


A certified 70-minute prerecorded webinar for radiologists and radiologic technologists.

Expiration date of this link: July 1, 2013

Faculty: Jules H. Sumkin, DO, FACR and Margarita L. Zuley, MD

Credit: 1.25 AMA PRA; 1.0 ARRT

Offered by ICPME, made possible by an educational grant from Hologic


A clip of the course:

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
Digital Breast Tomosynthesis




Breast reconstruction options for breast cancer patients.

Suzanne Somers' Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction Surgery - Episode 1
Suzanne Somers' Stem Cell Breast Reconstruction Surgery - Episode 1

What are the success rates of the various breast reconstruction options?
What are the success rates of the various breast reconstruction options?

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