Last-minute Valentine's Day ideas for your buy-local honey.
"There is no love sincerer than the love of food." 
Playwright George Bernard Shaw had it right. As much as we love our Valentine, our love of food triumphs. Food shared and enjoyed together takes on a whole new meaning and taste! To help you keep the love flowing this week, here's a handful of down-to-the-wire suggestions to share with that special someone in your life.

Adventures in Foods: Cook at home and share the audacious tastes of robust elk from Rosebrook Elk Farm or the delicacy of ShanDott Farm rabbit.

Grab-n-go Gifts: There's nothing "off the rack" mindless about a handcrafted stained-glass dragonfly from Dancing Star Studios or handmade colander from Claryville Pottery. There's also a slew of gift ideas in the 2013 Pure Catskills Holiday Gift Guide.

Off-beat Bouquets: For traditional roses, head to Wade's Florist & Gift Shoppe but don't underestimate your creative interpretation. Go silly with a spray of beet greens and baby's breath. Extend a hand-picked posy of winter seed pods with a gift certificate promise of future flowers from The Cutting Garden. Or maybe it's as easy as a fan of seed packets with a garden revamp appointment with Karin Ursula Landscapes written on one.

Double Up Desserts: Grab a homemade pie made with love by The Farmer's Wife or make your own frozen treat with this maple-walnut ice cream recipe. For the morning-after pick-me-up, grab a cup of Java Love Coffee and a fresh baked Fokish Farm bailey slathered with Peck & Potter jam

If all doesn't go as planned, just remember it's ok to celebrate Valentine's Day on the 15th or the 20th ~ just be grateful for those you love each and every day. That expression is the sincerest of all.
Wine & dine Pure Catskills-style

Wine & Dine
Be it coffee and tapas at Rolling River Cafe or regional wine over a locally sourced dinner at Beaverkill Valley Inn, find that special place from this member restaurant list for your last-minute dinner plans.

Love to Share
Share your story about love on the farm, the tale of how you found your fancy over food, or a hint for the clueless on how to spice up your love life. For quick inspiration, visit Wellington's Herbs & Spices and Elderberry Herb Farm.

Sweets for Your Sweetie
Hands-down fav Slickepott fudge and its awesome sister Caramel top our list with maple candies from Vly Creek Maple Farm and Nectar Hills Farm honey drizzled over Lazy Crazy Acres vanilla gelato.
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