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As roads reopen and electricity comes back to our homes and barns...

As roads reopen and electricity comes back to our homes and our barns throughout the Catskills, our communities reflect on the damage that could have been and the devastation that is in coastal New York and New Jersey. Having been in the opposite position just last year, we pause to think of the outpouring of support and encouragement that raised us above the waters and through recovery.  


Our metropolitan counterparts, those who purchase our products at farmers' markets and in restaurants, now need that same encouragement. For those of you interested in learning more about opportunities to volunteer or donate, visit this post-Sandy round-up compiled by Food Systems Network NYC.  


Many of you likely preharvested in preparation for the storm only to have downstate markets close for the weekend. If you are experiencing difficulty selling and/or storing excess harvest, please let us know. Help spread the "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" message and support our neighbor farms now. This weekend and coming holiday season, let us turn to our neighbors, our farmers, and celebrate the resiliency and generosity of our communities. 



Sonia Janiszewski

Farm to Market Manager  




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Harvesting Opportunities Conference
November 15, Albany

Harvesting Opportunities is "a conference to inspire and educate New Yorkers to support agriculture, strengthen local farm and food economies and get involved in protecting farmland."

For more information or to register for American Farmland Trust's Harvesting Opportunities Conference on November 15th, click here...

Food Systems Network NYC in conjunction with  Meat Week NYC, present a panel discussion focused on innovations in getting pastured meat products from New York State's extensive grazing lands to New York City's commercial and home kitchens.

For more information, click here...

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