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MARCH 15, 2016
Jeffrey MacKie-Masson
In his five months as UC Berkeley's new university librarian, Jeffrey MacKie-Masson has toured all 24 libraries that report to him, met with librarians and staff and visited the library's 10-12 operational units. Now, in a Q&A with Berkeley News, he reveals his early impressions and visions for the future. 
Cindy Dinh and Paul Monge It can be tough to get students out to the polls. So 
Berkeley Law students Cindy Dinh and Paul Monge are trying to do something about it. They've drafted a bill that would automatically register California college students to vote - and they have two legislative co-authors. The bill would apply to UC, CSU and the community college system. 
student with painting A new Arts + Design Initiative has launched at Berkeley and emphasizes the key role that creativity plays on campus. "The arts play a vital role in higher education, in producing creative people prepared for the future," says Shannon Jackson, Berkeley's first associate vice chancellor for the arts and design.
Experiments show extremely low-power computing is possible.

Study shows postive effect in New York.

Video and email messages.
Also: FAQ on training from HR

Napolitano outlines proposal for new hires.

Administration discusses fiscal future.

Faculty, staff invited to Thursday, March 17, event.

Finance professor Ben Hermalin to succeed Janet Broughton.

Philanthropist donates $5 million to help students learn about her native land.

Eric Siegel comes to Berkeley from New York.

Former journalism dean was 96.

Highest seed ever for Cal team.

Professor Claude Fischer dissects Trump campaign slogan.
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