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MARCH 1, 2016
Jennifer Doudna, Joe Biden When Vice President Joe Biden dropped by UC San Francisco for a discussion of cancer research, UC Berkeley's Jennifer Doudna, discoverer of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing tool, was on hand to emphasize the need to fund basic research as well as clinical research. "You sold me on that at Davos," he said, referring to their recent chat at the World Economic Forum. 
Marian Diamond, brain For nearly 55 years, Marian Diamond walked through campus to her anatomy class carrying a human brain in a flowered hat box. Diamond, now a professor emerita of integrative biology, was the first to demonstrate that an enriched environment builds better brains and helped establish the now accepted idea of brain plasticity. A new documentary, My Love Affair With the Brain, tells her story. 
Inside Out characters Sunday was a big night for UC Berkeley psychology professor Dacher Keltner, an expert on the science of emotions. He consulted on the Pixar movie Inside Out, which won best animated feature at the Academy Awards. And Berkeley anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes, an expert on the Catholic Church, has had a lot to say about Spotlight, which walked away with the award for best film.
power soccer player and ball
On Friday afternoons, on a basketball court in UC Berkeley's Recreational Sports Facility, a team of students playing soccer using power wheelchairs and a 13-inch ball hopes to help revolutionize the way the world views disability and athletics.
Meet power soccer, the latest addition to the campus's growing list of inclusive sports. 
Bakar fellow Pieter Abbeel develops machines that can learn from experience.

Brawn contributes to status, according to a Haas professor's study.

Don't travel to affected areas, or use caution, UHS urges.

Manufacturing-to-market internship program helps students open doors.

Students show off cosplay fashion at fanfest.

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Herma Hill Kay lauded as a pioneer among women in law.

Early-career scientists and scholars singled out as rising stars.

East Bay Economic Development Alliance bestows legacy award.

Katrina Dodson translates Brazilian author Clarice Lispector. 

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