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FEBRUARY 9, 2016
CRAM cockroach robot
Cockroaches' ability to quickly squeeze through the tiniest cracks make them creepy, say UC Berkeley scientists, who have found that the insects can run at high speed even when flattened in half. And that has inspired a robot that can rapidly squeeze through cracks -- a new capability for search-and-rescue in rubble from tornados and other disasters.
Cal Band at the Super Bowl With a blare of brass - and disguised in flashy pink and yellow costumes instead of their usual blue and gold, a surprise backup band marched onto the field Sunday to join Super Bowl halftime headliners Coldplay: the Cal Band. UC Berkeley's 220 mobile musicians brought local flavor to the show. 
Scott Saul, Katrina Dodson English professor Scott Saul sees his new Chapter & Verse podcast - interviews with scholars, artists and writers who are based at UC Berkeley or coming through the Bay Area - as a way of bringing the wide world of culture to curious listeners, wherever they may be. He launched the podcast in late December through Berkeley's Doreen B. Townsend Center for the Humanities.
Researchers: Subminimum wage violates human rights standards.
Also: 'Forked' rates restaurants as employers

Archaeology professor studies ancient rituals, among them the annual New Orleans fete.

Nonproliferation research group includes eight universities, five labs.

Berkeley-Haas expert on real estate and finance. 
Energy economist Maximilian Auffhammer explains why.

Why certain videos go viral.

Sophomore defeats Stanford and Columbia in college semifinals.

High honor in engineering profession.

School of Public health researcher faces arduous recovery. 

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