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JANUARY 20, 2016
Students in the rain It's rained for 13 of the last 19 days, with no end in sight. Does that mean California's historic drought is ending? UC Berkeley professor and geologist B. Lynn Ingram discusses the arrival of the El Nino storms, a historic flood in the valley and what the climate could have in store for us.
CEGA cofounders Edward Miguel and Temina Madon
Chlorine dispensers in developing countries can cut the risk of childhood diarrhea. Text-message updates on water availability can save time and money for ultra-poor women and girls. These are among the findings from the Berkeley-based Center for Effective Global Action, an 8-year-old research lab geared toward driving global development policy and programming.
Jennifer Doudna at Davos Berkeley biochemist Jennifer Doudna joined Joseph Biden this week at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, as the vice president promoted a major new U.S. initiative to speed the discovery of cures for cancer, what President Obama has dubbed a "cancer moonshot."
First computational model captures the big picture in photosynthesis.  Study shows that information carrying emotional content is a strength. 

Campus adopts "diversity catalyst" model to create the future.

Appointments: Jan. 27 and 29 at Tang Center, Feb. 3 at Soda Hall, Feb. 5 at Haas Pavilion.

UC offers webinars on proposal for employees hired on or after July 1. 
Professor Omar Yaghi wins for nano science research.

Berkeley emeritus, researcher, alum co-found UpRise Campaigns.

Research shows unpopular rulings result in loss of legitimacy for courts.

Haas Institute's Stephen Menendian looks at the racism behind the crisis. 

Barry Eichengreen sees good news for the world economy and possibly the U.S. 

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