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JANUARY 13, 2016
Bay Area carbon footprint map How much are you and your neighbors contributing to global warming? A new, interactive map of neighborhood-by-neighborhood carbon consumption in the Bay Area can tell you. The data will be critical as cities shoulder the work of getting residents to change their behavior to help meet the greenhouse gas reductions agreed to at the recent Paris climate summit.
Tightrope walker Passing over potential candidates like "refugee" and "microaggression," Berkeley linguist Geoff Nunberg has chosen "a little word that has tracked the rise and fall of the great American job" as his Word of the Year: gig, as in the "gig economy." 
Gene Yang Gene Luen Yang, a Berkeley computer science graduate who has a gift for connecting with kids through his comics and graphic novels, has a message for them as the nation's new ambassador for youth literature: Read things outside your comfort zone. 
Scientists show why their answer is no.

Thin layers reveal climate's secrets.

Pulsating stars could be beacons from an invisible dwarf galaxy.

Engineers successfully demo new chip.

Marines opened up the world to veteran Richard Weir.

Paul Alivisatos, Chenming Hu win national medals for science, technology.

Attorney Cloey Hewlett, graduate of Berkeley and Berkeley Law, selected.

Number seeking admission as freshmen, transfers rises.

In case you missed it, our end-of-year slideshow captures 2015's highlights.

Robert Reich sends them out to change the world.

Haas grads' new online marketplace partners in startup fair Jan. 28.
Trade carries ethical and physical risks.

Memorial service planned Jan. 23 for journalist, new-media pioneer.

Astronomer hunted distant galaxies.
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