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DECEMBER 16, 2015
LUX's xenon tank Inside an abandoned South Dakota gold mine, the world's most sensitive experimental search for dark matter has gotten 20 times more sensitive. New techniques reduce background interference with efforts to catch these mysterious particles, known as WIMPs, which comprise 85 percent of all matter in the universe.
Discoe wood When the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive reopens at its new downtown location on Jan. 31, the campus visual arts center will feature wooden furnishings revived from a previous life by a local master craftsman, ordained Zen Buddhist priest and designer of Buddhist temples.
BANDALOOP aerial dancers The dynamism of life at Berkeley in 2015 is captured in our top nine videos of the year - BANDALOOP aerial dancers on the Campanile, seismologists unlocking the earth's secrets, reflections on time in solitary confinement, a champion swimmer and an unusual octopus. They were produced by videographers Roxanne Makasdjian, Stephen McNally and Phil Ebiner. 

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Julie Hooper appointed.

Sociology and education scholar named.

Documentary by J-School's Orlando Bagwell advances in Academy Awards voting.

Scientists named to National Academy of Inventors.

AVC Shannon Jackson on actions by artists and designers. Law prof Dan Farber explores the possibilities arising from climate pact.

Advocate Noah Deich says the outcome makes removal even more necessary.

Biologist Bruce Baldwin reveals secrets of conifers on KQED Science.

Simplicity of gene-editing tool speeds research.

Historian Thomas Laqueur talks about his book The Work of the Dead on NPR's Fresh Air

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Annual heat and ventilation reductions will save power. 

Scientists elected to National Academy of Inventors.

Prosvetitel prize for Alexei Yurchak.
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