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DECEMBER 2, 2015
climate map of the world "The stakes are very high, as we have wasted so many good years," said UC Berkeley energy and climate expert Daniel Kammen, as the historic COP21 world climate conference opened in Paris. Kammen is one of several professors there, as well as grad students. Berkeley News is following our team, with stories and video and audio updates.
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Jennifer Doudna A three-day international summit on the ethics of making permanent, hereditary changes in the human genome begins today in Washington, D.C. It's the fruit of an informal discussion organized in January by UC Berkeley biologist Jennifer Doudna, the inventor of the CRISPR-Cas9 technology that makes such changes cheap and easy.
Molly Van Houweling High school sweethearts and now a power couple on the UC Berkeley faculty, Molly and Rob Van Houweling share a passion for bicycle racing. Their years of dedication paid off on Sept. 12, when Molly, a professor of law, set a new women's world record for cycling. 
Planet to lose its largest moon but gain a ring.

Collapsing star sends out massive gamma ray bursts, simulation reveals.

Public radio airs holiday-season program on gratitude, narrated by Susan Sarandon.

What lets us hit a ball? Connector hubs in the brain, a new study suggests.

Devastating Rim Fire zone yields signs of a forest's rebirth. 

Scientists discover a defect-free, superthin film

Environmental economist Catherine Wolfram's list of readable titles. 
Faculty honored for achievements in advancing science.

Severin Borenstein recognized for contributions to his field. 

Michael Franklin leads AMP Lab, builder of blockbuster systems used by Google, Amazon, Twitter, among others.

Bin Yu investigates the powerful synergy of science, computation and statistics.

Report finds a majority of schools aren't keeping up with building maintenance and improvements.  Spending 22 percent more per student could solve the inequality problem, study says.

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