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NOVEMBER 4, 2015
Clinton Terrell
For Clinton Terrell, dog-eared copies of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and Homer's Odyssey, slipped to him by an older inmate, just about saved him when he was in solitary confinement. Were it not for the classics, Terrell - who just transferred from community college to UC Berkeley - might still be incarcerated.
Cascadian subduction Seattle, Portland and Vancouver are at risk of the largest earthquakes and tsunamis in the world. And now scientists have nearly completed the first map of the mantle under the tectonic plate that is colliding with the Pacific Northwest in what's called the Cascadia subduction zone. The map will help seismologists understand some of Earth's most destructive forces.
ASUC ribbon cutting With a snip, a giant gold ribbon wrapped around the ASUC Student Union dropped to the sidewalk, allowing a celebratory crowd to enter the shiny new facility -- and a new era of student life at Berkeley. "This is a new beginning ... a new space, with new opportunities to grow," Lavanya Jawaharlal, ASUC executive vice president, proclaimed.   
Paleontologist Lisa White plays a key role in upcoming PBS series.

Recent book on Joan Didion drew heavily from her papers, which she donated to the library.

Berkeley senior and her sister, Pi-Bot inventors, dazzled investors on TV reality show. 

Pact establishes the "official bank of UC Berkeley."

First deadline is Dec. 11.

Recipients receive up to $25,000 to pursue their ideals after graduation. 
National Science Foundation launches regional innovation hubs. 

NIH project seeks information on how genes do their work.

Haas assistant professor uses scans to measure people's thoughts and feelings.

Lunch, cultural performances start at noon today (Wednesday, Nov. 4) 

ACLU leader Anthony Romero speaks Thursday on crime and punishment.

Dr. John Swartzberg has the answer in a new Berkeley Wellness video. 
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