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OCTOBER 20, 2015
sleeping mouse At the flip of a switch, UC Berkeley neuroscientists can send a sleeping mouse into dreamland. The researchers inserted an optogenetic switch into nerve cells in the brain's medulla, allowing them to activate or inactivate the neurons with laser light. Activation let the sleeping mice enter REM sleep - the dream state. Inactivation made REM sleep hard or impossible.
Bay Bridge The Bay Bridge cost 2,500 percent more than the initial estimate of $250 million. In her new book, Remaking the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: A Case of Shadowboxing with Nature, adjunct planning professor Karen Frick shows why the final price tag rose to $6.5 billion, and she offers lessons for controlling costs of future mega-projects.
Jane Goodall "Each single one of you makes a difference every single day," renowned primatologist Jane Goodall told a gathering of elementary school students at the UC Botanical Garden last week. Now 81, Goodall travels the world 300 days a year to engage young people in her Roots and Shoots environmental program.
L'Oreal awards involve mentoring girls and women in science. (VIDEO)

George Johnson, mechanical engineering, and Harry Scheiber, law and history, honored. 

israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu recognizes chemist for work in biofuels.

Seth Finnegan awarded $875,000.

Jasjeet Sekhon, professor of political science and statistics, studies the power of surveys to change minds.

Education professor finds time-honored techniques work better with low-propensity voters than new digital ones. 
Berkeley, Cambridge and National University of Singapore join forces.

Open enrollment starts Oct. 29.

Sensors installed to monitor heat, soil dampness, sun and humidity.

KQED Science shows off Museum of Vertebrate Biology stars. (VIDEO)

Saru Jayaraman, of Berkeley's Food Labor Research Institute, applauds N.Y. restaurateur Danny Meyer.
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