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OCTOBER 6, 2015
Paul Renne Volcanoes or asteroids? Scientists have long debated which catastrophic event caused the extinction of many land and marine animals, including dinosaurs. Now Berkeley geologists have uncovered compelling evidence that it was ... both. 
Child in campanile hat
Thousands of alumni and parents brought a festive air - and oceans of blue and gold - to the Berkeley campus this weekend in honor of Homecoming and the Campanile's 100th birthday.
Berkeley News captured the weekend's events in photos and audio.
Teenager awake in the dark Teenagers and adults who go to bed late on weeknights are more likely to gain weight than their peers who hit the hay earlier, according to a new study from UC Berkeley that has found a correlation between sleep and body mass index.
Student team combats preventable diseases in developing countries.

The latest dispatch from the front lines of the happiness MOOC.

Some 75 alums gather to honor nation's oldest internship program.

Bill and Chelsea to host CGI University on campus.

All invited to Intersect conference this weekend, part of effort to make campus more welcoming to all.

New hours, programs await visitors.
Device modeled after a baby's toy could walk, explore space. (Video) DOE projects joins campuses and China as research collaborators.

Berkeley Lab finds national average has dropped to 5 cents per kilowatt hour. 

Signatures Innovation Fellows Program supports faculty on projects with commercial potential. 

L'Oreal-UNESCO prize for women scientists goes to pioneering prof.

Near Eastern Studies' Ben Porter named anthropolgy museum's acting director.
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