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SEPTEMBER 29, 2015
Peidong Yang Peidong Yang, a Berkeley chemist who is trying to capture carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into a sustainable transportation fuel, has been named a MacArthur "genius" Fellow. Four others with Berkeley connections also are among the 24 new fellows announced today. All will receive $625,000 to use in any way they wish.
Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina What explains the persistent gap in female representation in the United States? Research by Rachel Bernhard, a grad student in political science, finds that ideology matters, as well as gender expectations. Conservative voters prefer their candidates to be male, masculine or both, she finds. Women do better with liberals, she theorizes, because they don't have to walk a fine line between being feminine and being tough.
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Whendee Silver
Whendee Silver works with soil, and she probably doesn't think of herself as an action hero. But the professor of environmental science, policy and management today was named UC Berkeley's first Faculty Climate Action Champion. The honor is part of a new UC pilot program around carbon neutrality.
$6.4 million grant aims to crack the code of smell navigation.

Week 3 finds our hero getting cranky.

Berkeley to lead $12.3 million research project on sorghum's survival skills.

Performance trumps policy when it comes to swaying voters, research finds.

Breast cancer awareness event is coming up on Oct. 19.

Audio guide to Berkeley trees part of engineering alum's smartphone idea.

Bittman heads into the fields with health researcher Eskenazi. (Video)

Self-sustaining vertical farm captures top prize in international contest.

Physicist, 83, was scholar and natural-born teacher. 

Health professor Malcolm Potts sees a missed moment. 

Sociology prof Claude Fischer explores Americans' unique take on fairness.

Grad student Amie Gordon says relationships often suffer, but they don't have to.
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