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SEPTEMBER 22, 2015
Irene Bloemraad Immigrants today are integrating into American life at the same pace or even faster than earlier arrivals, across a wide range of measures such as education, employment and earnings. But some lag behind, according to a new report by more than a dozen experts, including UC Berkeley sociologist Irene Bloemraad. She speaks with Berkeley News about the trend.
Greenland village
The traditional diet of the Inuit, rich in seal and whale blubber, is held up as an example of how omega-3 fatty acids can counterbalance the bad health effects of a high-fat diet, but a new study hints that what's true for the Inuit may not be true for everyone else.
Judy Heumann, Ed Roberts at protest Twenty-five years have passed since the Americans With Disabilities Act was signed into law. Berkeley is marking the anniversary with an exhibit of photos and artifacts that bring to life the history of disability and of the activism that led to the ADA -- and Berkeley's central role in it.
Bioengineering profs show off their healthcare advances.

Device brings solar power to off-the-grid health clinics in developing regions. 

Dr. John Swartzberg digs into the evidence in a new video. 

New York Times profiles UC as state's engine of economic diversity.
Campus issues info on handling of requests for student, staff and faculty information.

First partnership is with Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center. 

Free online effort to educate thousands working for social good. 
Scientists successfully conceal tiny object from visibie light.

Expert is beta-testing one, and talks about how it would work.

Leg three of Barry Bergman's online odyssey toward happiness.

Environmental hazards hit some communities harder.

A Native Californian reflects on the canonization of Junipero Serra.

An economist examines the scandal.

Weather phenomenon may be good for California, but others will suffer
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