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SEPTEMBER 15, 2015
A new study by UC Berkeley researchers establishes for the first time a link between infection with the bovine leukemia virus and human breast cancer. The study doesn't show that the virus causes the cancer, cautions lead author Gertrude Buehring, a professor of virology in the School of Public Health; but the results show more studies are needed. 
Drought and climate change are making wildfires a year-round phenomenon in California, changing forests and straining government budgets. "The fires just keep coming," observes Scott Stephens, professor in Environmental Science, Policy, and Management and an authority on wildfire science. The state, he says, needs to up its forestry game.
Barry Bergman Encouraged by colleagues and against his better judgment, Barry Bergman, a writer and editor at UC Berkeley, is enrolled in the Greater Good Science Center's fall online course, "The Science of Happiness." He's chronicling his journey on Berkeley News. Happy yet, Barry? 
Robert Reich: Exclusive, expensive schools favored.  Berkeley ranked first among public universities for the 18th straight year.

Watch 12-year mark fall to Molly Van Houweling. (Video)
Grad students honored.

"Powerful" Berkeley-Haas emerita profiled as Fed considers interest-rate hike.

Risk-based decision part of greater climate-change solution.
Psychology prof Tania Lambrozo dissects polls, popular thinking.

Law prof John Yoo and co-author chide Republican frontrunner. 
Prof finds environmental protection has been good for economic growth.  Protein, culprit in severe cases, presents target for vaccine. (Video)

Experts say incentives more effective than punishing polluters.

Program designed to teach research principles in green chemistry.

Memorial honors faculty, staff, students who died over the last year. (Slideshow)

Slideshow captures the festivities.

New website gives staff a place to "learn and share."

Constitution Day talk with history prof Stephanie Jones-Rogers (Thursday).

Walk, ceremony before kickoff Oct. 3.
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