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JULY 21, 2015
Artist conception of planet
Internet investor Yuri Milner has signed on with UC Berkeley to lead a major escalation in the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, or SETI. The initiative was announced in London, where Milner was joined by physicist Stephen Hawking and UC Berkeley astronomy professor Geoff Marcy and postdoctoral fellow Andrew Siemion, among others.  

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Bowles Hall at night
Bowles Hall, which was added an imposing presence to the northeast corner of campus since it opened in 1929, is making a comeback as a residential college. Bowles started out that way - the first of its kind in the nation. But later it evolved into a regular dorm. Now, a $40 million renovation is underway, and Bowles will reopen in fall of 2016 as a college again.   

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guard with prisoners
The Stanford Prison Experiment, an independent feature film, that hits San Francisco on Friday, dramatizes the story of a research study recreating a prison setting. UC Berkeley's Christina Maslach, professor emerita of psychology, was there, and talks about the study and the film. 

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girls and a robot
At UC Berkeley's Girls in Engineering summer camps, middle schoolers go from robots to cow legs to edible juice caviar, all in one week. The camps are part of a College of Engineering pilot program to help narrow the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math. "I like how they don't treat us like babies and water things down," said one soon-to-be seventh-grader.  

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Genome analysis pinpoints arrival as a single wave.

Before long, consumers will be printing electronic sensors at home.

Inaccurately reading human faces is a consequence of a tired brain.

Intellectual stimulation found to rewire the brain's reward center.

Main campus news site gets a makeover.

Date announced for debut of downtown  museum, screening space and galleries.

Hundreds seek career development info. 
Maurice Obstfeld snapped up from White House post.

Eli Yablonovitch wins prestigious honor.

English professor, writer shares Caine prize award with her co-nominees.

Pioneering musicologist credited with revival of interest in Baroque music.

Engineering professor was expert in electronic circuit theory.

Bot Garden extends open hours for Trudy's big week.        
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