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JUNE 30, 2015
New rendering of museum building
The new museum and film archive building in downtown Berkeley will throw open its doors to the public on Sunday, Jan. 31, 2016.  When it does, art lovers and filmgoers will find improved spaces for exhibitions, for screenings and for access to the visual art center's vast collections.  

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Marijuana plants The debate over the legalization of marijuana has focused primarily on questions of law, policy and health. But a new paper co-authored by UC Berkeley researchers shines a spotlight on the environmental damage caused by illegal marijuana plantations in sensitive watersheds.

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Inside Out emoticons UC Berkeley psychologist Dacher Keltner consulted on the new Pixar movie Inside Out, explaining the physiology and purpose of such emotions as joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust that team up in the head of the main character, 11-year-old Riley.

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Party kicks off a year of free public lectures, tours and other events.

Champions Cup will be played at Avaya; ticket holders to get refunds.

Sproul was awash in rainbow colors after same-sex marriage ruling. (Slideshow)

Parkers dispersed as construction begins on new aquatic center.

Regional talent indentification event for aspiring athletes with disabilities.

History prof Stephanie Jones-Rogers on the intricacies of racial identity.

Q&A with psychology professor Rodolfo Mendoza-Denton.

Haas Institute's john a. powell holds a lens up to Charleston and other forms of racism.

Dried-out "resurrection plants" spring back to life in seconds. (Video)

Our sense of smell gives us a nose for navigation.

Scientists find way to put molecules under "lock and key" control.

Dozens of newfound bacteria add major new branches of phyla.

Gene-editing discovery nets Gruber genetics award.

Christopher Chang is one of three UC researchers to win Blavatnik award.

Michigan School of Information dean and scholar Jeffrey MacKie-Mason appointed.

Silicon Valley icon graduated in 1986.

Top theorist, physicist sees face-to-face interaction as key to research discoveries.

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