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JUNE 2, 2015
Two brain images Sleep may be a missing piece of the Alzheimer's puzzle. The protein buildup that is the hallmark of the disease blocks the deepest stages of sleep, resulting in memory decline, according to new research. Deep, restorative slumber is needed to hit the save button on memories, the researchers found. 

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AIDSLifeCycle riders

"How far is that?" "How long does it take?" "How many miles a day do you ride?" Those are questions asked when you mention that you're riding a bike from San Francisco to Los Angeles for the AIDS Life/Cycle. And each member of the Cal team - 30 riders, two roadies - has his or her own answers. The team took off Sunday, and will be sending dispatches from the road. 

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Clouds With two off-the-shelf digital cameras situated about 1 kilometer apart, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory scientists David Romps and Rusen Oktem are collecting three-dimensional data on cloud behavior that have never been possible to collect before. Romps is also an assistant professor of earth and planetary science at Berkeley. 

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Cyberattacks point to flaws in the system, experts say.

Even in the age of autocorrect, it's important, says I School linguist Geoffrey Nunberg.

Enrollment tops 16,000 for three class sessions.

Time to get appreciated

Staff appreciation week (free coffee! Summerfest!) starts on Monday, June 8.

Cal Walks @ Work Day

Registration is open for the annual fitness awareness event on June 12.

Book recommendations from the law library.

Professor Stuart Russell warns of "automated killing machines."
Often, it is, according to new study of controversial motorcycle practice.

Scientists found that it was the deepest quake of its size ever recorded.

Computer sciences professor finds new ways to use technology to help the developing world.

Susan Oxtoby wins French Chevalier and Georgian medal. 

Program supports commercially promising research in science, engineering, computing.

Q&A with nutrition expert Pat Crawford.

Influential plant biologist was 88.

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