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MAY 26, 2015
robot UC Berkeley researchers and entrepreneurs have been in the news this week several times for building robots that do amazing things. In the biggest development, researchers developed algorithms that enable robots to learn motor tasks through trial and error, very much the way humans do. And below are links to stories about the speed record set by a mini-robot with legs, and a new toss-and-shoot robotic camera.  

> Read the full article and see a video of robot in action...

> Watch the speedy, tiny legged X2-VelociRoACH run...

> Check out the toss-and-shoot robotic camera... 

Lenin's body For 90 years, the embalmed corpse of Russian revolutionary Vladimir Lenin has been on public display in Moscow's Red Square. But ever since the Soviet Union collapsed, a debate has raged over whether to move it - or bury him once and for all. UC Berkeley social anthropologist Alexei Yurchak, an expert on the science and politics surrounding the corpse, believes the body won't be moved anytime soon.

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Vanessa Gerber Vanessa Gerber, a senior on the Cal women's Pac-12 champion crew team, says she's inspired by the diversity at Berkeley - of people, cultures, student organizations and academic opportunities. "Cal is for people who are excited about the world around them and are ready to engage in it," says Gerber, who is profiled in a new video.

> Read the full article and watch the video...

Physics professor Daniel Kasen leads the way.

Their follow-up research reveals major flaws in influential survey report.

Researchers will test intelligent energy management in factories.

Early career science faculty supported in research with commercial potential.

Biomedical researchers Glaunsinger, Martin awarded.

Founder of Center for Weight and Health talks about the challenges of reshaping how we eat.

Memorial Stadium will host international soccer match July 21.

Students design, construct Strawberry Creek crossing in the Bot Garden.

Instant access to shows has created telephilia, says prof Mark Sandberg.

Saplings planted to seed citywide greening program.

Bernie Sanders says yes. CSHE director Carol Christ begs to differ.

Ban salary negotiations, says Haas professor Laura Kray.

School of Public Health's Joel Moskowitz joins discussion of Berkeley's new ordinance.
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