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MAY 12, 2015
graduates at commencement
Some 21,000 new grads and well-wishers are expected to fill Memorial Stadium for Saturday's campuswide commencement convocation, while more will watch the livestream. Here's the lowdown on the big event, and on dozens of smaller graduation ceremonies that campus departments are hosting.

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Scheper-Hughes with pope

Berkeley anthropologist Nancy Scheper-Hughes, an international expert on organ trafficking, recently spent 10 days in the Vatican, at a plenary on human trafficking convened by Pope Francis. During an audience with the bishop of Rome she delivered a Golden Bear pin from Chancellor Dirks and received white papal rosary beads to deliver in return.

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newspaper headlines

Mass shootings at the hands of unhinged loners -- as in Aurora, Colorado and Newtown, Connecticut -- foster the widely held belief that mental illness triggers violent crimes. But hallucinations and delusions seldom foreshadow acts of aggression, according to a painstaking review of 305 tragic incidents. 

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See photos of high-spirited Chancellor's Awards event.

Foundation assists three Berkeley faculty.

Forty-six social-impact solutions take awards in student innovation contest.

J-School student's long affair with photos.

It's now official: Finance leader and former Cal athlete to take the reins.

John Schindel's new kids' book features look-alike photos of humans and canines.
As nutrient depletion accelerates, researchers urge action.

Project puts WPA art, architecture on the map.

Monitoring the San Andreas Fault

Seismologist Peggy Hellweg on TremorScope.

As the earth warms, plants and animals must travel farther to survive, research shows.

Supporting Emirates' Mars mission 

Space Sciences Lab to build instruments for Arab world's first interplanetary project.


Opinion: Justice Alito's 'injudicious' passion for the death penalty.
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