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APRIL 14, 2015
First generation students
Kids whose parents never went to college often feel compelled to choose between school and home. A new package of stories in California Magazine describes the struggle - and how UC Berkeley helps. And first-generation students talk about how it feels, in their own words. Says one: "I sneaked out of the house to go to Berkeley, to make my dreams come true."

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Fast food court While the U.S. economy rebounds, persistent low wages are costing taxpayers about $153 billion a year in public support to working families, including $25 billion at the state level, according to a new report from the Center for Labor Research and Education. For the first time, the state-by-state cost to taxpayers of low wages in the United States is calculated.

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Strawberry Creek
A new rock pool is the most visible feature of the two-year effort to restore a degraded section of Strawberry Creek. The success of the project was celebrated with a small gathering and ceremony near Eucalyptus Grove.  

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NIH grant aims to speed response to growing problem.

Video of birds in flight helps researchers learn the secrets of how they hover.

Berkeley and UC researchers to study school lunches for the USDA. 
Gift for argument turned his life around.

Four planting templates aim to help East Bay city residents through drought.

Open Innovation approach could benefit places in India as well as Berkeley and Oakland. 
Grad student in neuroscience sees gap between the talk and the walk.

Sometimes yes, sometimes no, says Dan Farber on Legal Planet
Berkeley Dance Project performances open Thursday. 
A full week of events planned for 45th environmental celebration starts Sunday.

J-School, School of Public Health to livecast next Tuesday's experts' panel.

Alum among vertical dancers putting on Cal Day showcase Saturday.

Happy future on horizon for 86-year-old campus landmark.

Services recognized by Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Architecture of Life to inaugurate Oxford-Center building. 
Andrew Jones, Nicholas Paige, Vikram Chandra win fellowships.

Education leader in Ghana selected for Elise and Walter A. Haas International Award and as a Fortune 50 "great leader."  
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