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APRIL 7, 2015
Calaveras, Hayward faults UC Berkeley seismologists have proven that the Hayward and Calaveras faults are essentially the same system, meaning that a rupture on one could trigger a rupture on the other, producing considerably larger quakes than once thought.

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UC Berkeley researchers Jamie Cate and Amy Lee have found that a subset of messenger RNAs - many of which have been linked to cancer - have unique tags that make them promising targets for anticancer drugs.  

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DIY Body app What keeps the blood in your body moving in one direction? Why does your nose make sticky snot while your intestines make smelly gas? These questions and more are answered by the new, free DIY Human Body app for iPhones and iPads, which helps kids discover how their bodies really work. The app was developed by Chris Keller at the Lawrence Hall of Science.

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Lab findings go a long way to allay range anxiety when it comes to EVs.

Seismo Blog looks at new forecast. 
"Indecision Points" looks at his "erratic" foreign policy.  
Student Eda Yu urges Disney to do better by girls next time.

Professor Meredith Fowlie looks at what works to get people to use less energy or water.

Mahmood Monshipouri, visiting prof in Middle Eastern studies, says it's a good deal. 
Eucalyptus Grove gathering Wednesday marks re-opening.

Authors Alliance lunch discussion April 23 in Stephens.

Collaboration aims to create exchange of culture, ideas and scholarship.

Fourth annual event is Thursday, April 23.  
Humphreys, Matsui recognized as outstanding STEM mentors.

Science journalist talks about drought, food and what keeps him up at night.

Professor was early proponent of environmental anthropology. 
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