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MARCH 31, 2015
Tambora crater An expert on supervolcano eruptions, UC Berkeley's Steve Self was the first modern-day scientist to visit Tambora in Indonesia, the site of the largest volcanic eruption in the past 1,000 years. On the 200th anniversary of its eruption in 1815, Self and others are warning of the ever-present dangers of volcanoes like Tambora.

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aerial dancers A celebrated aerial dance troupe will perform on the walls of the 100-year-old Campanile during the campus's annual open house, Saturday, April 18. Visitors will also have the chance to view rarely-seen prehistoric fossils and take in free lectures, tours and happenings in every corner of campus.

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EO Wilson, Jasper Bagley Ever since he was 5, Jasper Bagley's idol has been biologist E.O. Wilson, widely considered the world's leading ant expert. Last week, the 11-year-old insect enthusiast got to meet Wilson at UC Berkeley, where the entomologist was the keynote speaker at a conference on the national parks.

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Grad student talks about her underwater research, on video.

Gut feelings about limitations are stubborn, suggests study of caste in India.

Students look for opportunities to create well-paying, clean-power employment.

Big boost for campus's South Asia scholarship.

Public health expert explores potential radiation dangers in 'Mobilize' documentary.

Sociologist Sandra Susan Smith considers the recent DOJ report.

Ethan Elkind says a scaled-down approach might yield better results.

Research assistant Syreeta Tyrell wonders how implicit bias may affect her child's life.
Haas MBA students travel to Omaha to meet with investment icon.

'Nobel in computing' for former prof whose breakthroughs came while on Berkeley faculty.

Freshman soccer midfielder mourned.

Free app explores landscape, cultural history of UC Berkeley.
See video of Albright Lecture conversation.

UC is surveying staff to find out.

Berkeley Law conference Friday attracts all-star lineup of speakers.

Cindy Cox piece debuts Wednesday from Campanile and bell towers around the globe.
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