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MARCH 3, 2015
Man and tiger Highly anxious people have more trouble deciding how to handle life's uncertainties. They may interpret, say, a lovers' tiff as a doomed relationship or a workplace change as a career threat. Investigating this dynamic, scientists have found evidence of a glitch in the brain's higher-order decision-making circuitry that could eventually be targeted in the treatment of anxiety disorders.

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Anita Hill Process is everything when it comes to sexual violence and the law, says Anita Hill, reflecting on the historic Senate hearing that confirmed Clarence Thomas's Supreme Court nomination despite her allegations of sexual harassment. Hill spoke at the National Conference on Campus Sexual Assault and Violence at Berkeley, which brought together practitioners, faculty members, staff, students, elected officials and criminal-justice professionals from across the country.
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Helen Wallace Dr. Helen Wallace, a world-renowned professor, mentor and advocate known for her passion for improving the lives of women and children, has left more than $13 million to UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. The funds will launch the Wallace Maternal and Child Health Center. 

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Girls who suffer both at higher risk for self-harm, suicide.

Berkeley co-hosting major conference on science in the national parks.

Bacterial immune system offers clues, Doudna group finds.

EECS professor Laura Waller's work supported by Bakar Fellows Program.

They join rats, squirrels as important reservoirs of infection.

David Kirp says Escuela Nueva has much to teach the world.

Topping-out ceremony for new Institute for Design Innovation. 

Online course launched to teach "solution-based journalism for social change."

Berkeley goes for third title in 600-college waste diversion competition.

Apple founder and philanthropist tops list of nine honored grads.

Williamson Award for marketing professor.

One of "47 great minds of science" to speak on empathy in animals, humans. 

Civil engineer was transportation innovator.
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