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FEBRUARY 24, 2015
Old Faithful Berkeley volcanologist Michael Manga and his students have studied geysers in Chile and Yellowstone National Park, threading sensors and cameras into the boiling water, and have come up with an explanation for why geysers erupt periodically.  The key: the loops and bends in their plumbing.

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Bells Berkeley researcher Carla Shapreau uncovers and studies Nazi-era music-related losses and their impact on culture, society and individuals. She lectures tomorrow (Wednesday, Feb. 25) about the World War II pillaging of carillon bells throughout Europe.

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Farida Osman Just as the Egyptian revolution of 2011 began, Cairo swimmer Farida Osman was starting to make a name for herself with world-class times in the sprint freestyle and butterfly - and as a pioneer in the sport as a woman in Egypt. Now, she is one of the young stars on the No. 1-ranked Cal women's swimming and diving team.

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Big boost to early-career researchers.

New public health course aims at startup generation.

Executive director has led several startups - and plays the violin, too.

So says soft-spoken "planet warrior" Tom Steyer in recent campus lecture.  
Rebuilt and ready to go; time-lapse video shows the work.

Evocative takes on the carillon, in 500 words or less.

Berkeley remains all-time top producer of volunteers. 
Bioengineering prof, Bakar Fellow develops sustainable dyeing process.

Berkeley Science Review explores question that is key to climate-change survival.

Survey by Berkeley Law Policy Advocacy Clinic reveals trend.

Engineering team works to scale up inexpensive solution to worldwide problem.

Claude Fischer on our increasing informality - and its pitfalls.

Elizabeth Halimah of E&I assesses results of recent survey, symposium and the future.
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