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FEBRUARY 19, 2015
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Arthur Aron Around the time of the Summer of Love in 1967, Arthur Aron, then a UC Berkeley graduate student in psychology, kissed fellow student Elaine Spaulding in front of Dwinelle Hall, and formed a romantic and professional partnership. Among the couple's most enduring claims to fame are 36 questions that break down the barriers to intimacy.

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Ana Claudia Arias EECS professor Ana Claudia Arias is creating new wearable electronics to allow easier and better MRI imaging of sick infants, among others. Her research is supported by the Bakar Fellows Program for young faculty whose work holds commercial promise.

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James O'Brien
Berkeley engineers frequently win awards for scientific achievements - but it's not every day they win an Oscar. Earlier this month, as a lead-up to the Oscar ceremony Sunday, EECS professor James O'Brien was awarded a technical achievement Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for his contribution to special effects.  

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Study challenges long-held belief about talking.

Twenty-three-year experiment finds evidence of global warming's effects.

New video makes case for national parks as important research labs.

Professor Tania Lombrozo writes about "omission bias" on NPR blog. 
Student-founded organization fills gap between researchers, community. 
Focus on climate change, water, air quality, biodiversity.

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