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JANUARY 20, 2015
Pine forest Thanks to historical data preserved in UC Berkeley's libraries, campus botanists have been able to compare tree survey data from the 1920s and '30s with Forest Service data today. They find a decline in large trees and an increase in the density of small trees in forests throughout the state. The large-tree decline seems to be caused by water stress.

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Cat and dog Helicopter parenting may not be the best strategy for raising independent kids. But a healthy measure of overprotectiveness could actually be advantageous when raising dogs and cats, according to a new study that compares "dog people" to "cat people" and correlates neuroticism with better pet care.

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Dead fish
The last 75 years have seen a rise in the number of rapid, catastrophic animal die-offs, an analysis of 727 studies reveals. These mass kills appear to have hit birds, fish and marine invertebrates harder than other species. And disease was the primary culprit, according to the research team.

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Technology became a major evolutionary force.

Berkeley Wellness takes on the multitude of health claims.

Conditions there could be conducive to life.

Scientists see nuclear testing as start of a new Anthropocene epoch.

Found in Sulawesi, species is only one known to not lay eggs.

Mezzo-soprano to perform works Grammy-winning Sacrificium.

William Benemann, Michaelyn Burnette honored. 

Lab sample identified as part of Manhattan Project.

High honor from AIA.

History professor Tyler Stovall on the Charlie Hebdo attack.

Visiting scholar Albena Azmanova baffled by the silence on campus.

Jonah Levy, assistant professor of political science, calls for dialogue in France.

And, on other subjects:

Undergraduate Anastasia Yip looks at the practice - and whether it's time for a change. 

A psychology professor's New Year's vow. 

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