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DECEMBER 16, 2014
Flower illustration The beauty and complexity of plants are captured in extraordinary detail in the UC Botanical Garden's new "Following in the Bartrams' Footsteps" exhibit, which opened this week in Julia Morgan Hall. Featured are 44 original artworks by artists who create their pieces in the style of John and William Bartram, who lived three centuries ago. Watch our video to take an online tour with one of the artists. 

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Mark Bittman The Berkeley Food Institute is drawing food and agriculture experts to campus from across the country to take on the many challenges bedeviling our food systems. Among the luminaries who will be here this spring is nationally known food writer Mark Bittman, who will co-host the Edible Education 101 course. 

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> Also: A Q&A with Mark Bittman 

Protestors Black staff and faculty at UC Berkeley led a silent protest in front of Sproul Hall on Monday, in solidarity with the nationwide #BlackLivesMatter movement. More than 100 people stood in a driving rain to silently voice their support for the growing movement.

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Listen to linguist Geoffrey Nunberg on why he picked the Uber phrase.

Grad student works to help Bangalore residents know when the water will flow.

Dirks, community start mapping out plans for new global campus.

Study uncovers clues to its resilience.

Slideshow catches the action as student singers compete.

Students "Shake it Off" in video powered by Taylor Swift hit.  

Design becomes real in Hokkaido. (Slideshow) 

Students demonstrate "unmanned autonomous vehicles" at first-ever Drone Expo.

Jennifer Doudna, Richard Mathies, Jay Keasling honored.

Coral reef expert was 77.

Sky-high childcare costs, writes the Blum Center's Tamara Straus. Sociologist Jerome Karabel's take.

Berkeley Law's Catherine Crump on law enforcement's increased ability to watch us.

A handy guide to doing your holiday shopping without leaving campus.

A day full of events as BAM/PFA leaves its Bancroft building; procession to new digs starts at 5 p.m.

The Berkeleyan is taking a break; see you all in the New Year

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