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DECEMBER 9, 2014
Dan Hammer Dan Hammer, a Berkeley Ph.D. candidate, has been a volunteer firefighter, was instrumental in launching Global Forest Watch, taught math at San Quentin, raced canoes in the South Pacific, and boasts a personal-best 27 seconds at solving a Rubik's Cube. And now he's a U.S. Presidential Innovation Fellow, working on quantum computing for NASA.

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Crops in a field
When it comes to prospects for feeding the world, organic farming is often criticized for lower yields than chemically intensive agriculture. But now, new research from UC Berkeley shows that organic crop yields are higher than previously thought. Researchers also found that diversified farms and multicropping and crop rotation improve the productivity of organic agriculture. 

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Boy and chimp When it comes to getting out of a tricky situation, humans have an evolutionary edge over other primates. UC Berkeley scientists have found mounting brain evidence that helps explain how humans have excelled at "relational reasoning," a cognitive skill we use to solve problems.

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Chemical/genetic method works on dogs and mice.

Research shows strong mind-wallet link.

Study shows upgrades benefit kids' health.

Lick funding will help supernova search.

Powerful laser-plasma device hits highest energies ever.

And should it? Scientists debate.

The promise and peril of sequencing a newborn's entire genome.

College of Natural Resources' online magazine, just out, tackles Big Ideas.

Sustainably harvested conifers available through Saturday.

State-of-the-art learning laboratory expected to open in 2018.

After a hairy month, Haas students submit to the razor's edge and raise $51K for charity.

Meet the student DJs at Berkeley's campus radio station.

Seth Holmes wins Margaret Mead Award.

Engineering professor, a leader in photonic metamaterials, makes light do amazing tricks.

Delivery-app trend comes as no surprise to Haas professor.

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