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NOVEMBER 12, 2014
Jennifer Doudna, Saul Perlmutter Two UC Berkeley scientists - structural biologist Jennifer Doudna and physicist Saul Perlmutter - were named 2015 Breakthrough Prize winners in life sciences and physics, respectively, at a star-studded gala in Silicon Valley. The prize comes with a trophy and $3 million. 

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Julianna Deardorff What happens when a girl has the mind of an 8-year-old and the body of a 13-year-old? Girls are developing faster and entering puberty earlier than ever before. Julianna Deardorff, a UC Berkeley expert in adolescent health and co-author of The New Puberty, discusses this trend, and how parents can deal with it. 

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Chloe Tsang Student Chloe Tsang didn't have to leave Berkeley to fight hunger. She found it all around her, and helped co-found Feeding Forward. The program connects surplus food from places like Cal Dining and restaurants with soup kitchens and other agencies that need it. A half-million pounds of food have been "forwarded" so far, and now the founders are hoping to scale up. 

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Report from Don Vial Center for Green Jobs suggests next steps.

Money for next year restored, but outside funding will be needed.

Alum's donation funds space in Stiles Hall.
Also: A multimedia guide to Berkeley's long military history
Regents to consider five-year approach at their upcoming meeting.

Activity reveals never-before-seen details of planet's atmosphere.

Bioengineering could provide food and fuel along the way, scientists say.

Spreading it on rangeland can lock up climate-changing carbon, research finds. 

Foursome wins prestigious national trial competition. 

Global poverty and practice senior, a guest, helped extend access to clean water in Kenya.

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