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OCTOBER 28, 2014
Glass of water

A new study by researchers from UC Berkeley and Chile has linked arsenic, best known as a poison, to a 50 percent drop in breast cancer deaths among people who were inadvertently exposed to the chemical in their drinking water. The study was published this month in the journal EBioMedicine.


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Sarah Funes

Sarah Funes' "million-dollar question" is how to get minorities excited about voting. The junior has lobbied in Sacramento and Washington, advised transit agencies and worked the polls. Her drive, she says, comes from being "Latin, a woman and disabled. I want to elect people who look like me."

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Alan Auerbach As the Nov. 4 election nears, economics professor Alan Auerbach answers some key questions about Berkeley and San Francisco initiatives to add taxes to the purchases of soda and other sweetened drinks. Auerbach is director of the Robert D. Burch Center for Tax Policy and Public Finance.

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Mavis Staples

"After we saw Dr. King preach for the first time, my father said to us, 'If he can preach it, we can sing it,' " recalls Mavis Staples, who will be a guest on campus Thursday for a concert and a panel discussion on protest. "I think that really sums up the power that song, music has." In advance of her visit, she spoke with the NewsCenter.


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New "global universities" list from U.S. News released today.

Professor Hitoshi Murayama makes links between science and peace.

Berkeley Wellness sets us straight on how the virus spreads - and how it doesn't.

Faster switching in ferroelectrics achieved by research team.

Mary Wildermuth, Shawn Somerville guide an international team studying mildew. 

Brittany Maynard

Dying with dignity

Alumna Brittany Maynard, ill with a brain tumor, has sparked a national conversation.

Satirist Bassem Youssef to appear in conversation with Chancellor Dirks Wednesday.

Staff, faculty can sign up for 2015 benefits through 5 p.m., Nov. 25. 

Dinners in all cafes cooked from food grown, produced within 260 miles. (Slideshow)

Latest stats from the NCAA show graduation rates improving

Vast majority of Berkeley teams doing well in the classroom.

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