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SEPTEMBER 29, 2014
Unless you're free UC Berkeley is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Free Speech Movement, a defining moment for the campus and the first revolt of the 1960s to bring to a college campus the mass civil disobedience tactics pioneered in the civil rights movement. 

> A dean looks back; plus, myths busted, and more ... 

> Watch a video made from Mario Savio's "Machine Speech"

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Joseph Grinnell Yosemite National Park would be something quite different were it not for UC Berkeley and its visionary scientists, alumni and leaders. That's the blue-and-gold current flowing through Yosemite: A Storied Landscape, a just-published e-book that brings to vivid life the first national park in celebration of its 150th birthday.

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Simon Marginson Simon Marginson, a professor of international higher education at the Institute of Education in London, arrives in Berkeley this week to deliver a series of lectures on the state of Clark Kerr's legacy and the California Master Plan -- and, he hopes, to find some answers.

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Groundbreaking leader in equity and inclusion to return to teaching and research.

Nine-month study yields recommendations.

CITRIS and Democracy Initiative helped develop civic-engagement tool.

Several nominees have Berkeley ties.

Students to compete in new contest category.

NIH seeks to unlock mysteries of neuroscience.

Focus is potentially transformative projects.

Berkeley Wellness assesses the latest findings.

Stress relief pups will be on Sproul Tuesday, Oct. 7, noon-1 p.m.

Cancer awareness event takes place Wednesday, Oct. 8.

Fall reunion brings alums, parents and friends back to campus.
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