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SEPTEMBER 16, 2014
Six faces Why are human faces so variable compared to other animals'? Two UC Berkeley biologists, Michael Nachman and postdoc Michael Sheehan, analyzed human faces and genes and found a variability that could only be explained by natural selection for highly variable faces, probably because social interactions and being recognizable are so important to human relationships.
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Mourner with flower As 30 white doves circled overhead and a lone bagpiper played "Amazing Grace," the UC Berkeley campus took a moment on Monday to remember more than 90 members of the campus community - faculty, emeriti, staff and students - who died over the last year.

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Four brain images The human brain is capable of a neural workaround that compensates for the buildup of beta-amyloid, a destructive protein associated with Alzheimer's disease. The findings could help explain how some older adults with beta-amyloid deposits in their brain retain normal cognitive function while others develop dementia. 

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Study shows that monocropping leads to fewer animal species.

African Americans disparately affected, transit research shows.

World expert Mattia Galletti answers five questions in preview of Blum Center talk.

Bells to ring out song known as black anthem at noon Wednesday.

Among top schools in nation for sending graduates into national teaching corps.

Library exhibit chronicles a century of learning new answers to old questions.
Upgrades add new cafe, planetarium shows, exhibits.

Pro football got it all wrong in responding to the Rice case, say Sudha Shetty and Jeffrey Edleson.

New generation of children's TV programs are blurring cultural lines, Bruce Fuller writes.
Tinkering astronomy prof Joshua Bloom built his own early-warning device in a takeout box.

It runs on microwaves.

Having a major university or other institution is key, survey shows.

Public health experts talk about taking the disease seriously.

Professor recognized for boosting women in architecture, sustainability.

GSE's Judith Warren Little sets 2015 date.

Engineer Armen Der Kiureghian leads efforts to raise standards, revenue at fledgling campus.

Longtime administrator, advocate for the disabled dies at 62.

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