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AUGUST 20, 2014
Troy Duster During a day of thanks and tributes, former students and lifelong friends lauded Berkeley sociologist Troy Duster for a 40-year career marked by prescient insights, generosity of spirit, twinkly activism and far-reaching influence.

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High school girl Everyone notices the academic superstars and failures, but what about the millions of teens who fall between these two extremes? A new UC Berkeley study has spotlighted a high school subculture that has made an art of slacking and may be destined to perpetuate the struggling lower-middle class.

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Stardust spacecraft UC Berkeley physicist Andrew Westphal led a team of scientists and citizen-scientists in analyzing dust collected by the Stardust spacecraft in 2004, and reports finding seven dust particles that probably came from interstellar space. These may be the first confirmed visitors from another star.

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New software generates single photo to represent thousands of images.

Super-resolution device allows scientists to study the tiniest of organisms.

Probing quantum paradox could help in designing quantum computers.

"They're basically soda without carbonation," say researchers. 
Michele Roberts is first woman to head major pro sports union.

Filmmaker will run documentary program.

Longtime campus, Haas leader was 87.

In light of Ferguson, Haas Institute's Steven Menendian asks his question, again. 
As a student and single mom, Koko Mulder co-founded the Bear Pantry; now on staff, she runs it.

And ARWU places campus 1st in science and mathematics, chemistry and physics.

Fall semester starts soon, and this year three full weeks of activities will help new students "get their bearings."

College hosts 50 fifth-through-eighth graders to build their interest in science-tech fields.

Clinical staff keeping up on epidemic in Africa.

Alan Smith recognized as "greatest living student of fern diversity."

Tom Griffiths teaches computers to "think" more like people.

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